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the "short walk" up to queen maeve was along this rocky path that ended half way up...then you were just hiking through hills

so we were supposed to be taking a "bit of a walk" up to visit queen maeve's tomb. i've learned that "a bit of a walk" in irish actually means an hour long hike!!! everytime jenny, our tour guide said "a bit of a walk" it ended about an hour or two later with all of us wet from either the rain that started in the middle of the "walk" or sweat from the hike.  but they were always worth it! 

being the fit and in shape beings that we are, blake and i did not make it to the top of the mountain where queen maeve lies. less than half way up i was wheezing and less than seconds later blake got a nose bleed....so we went back down.  but the scenery on the way up was beautiful! 

two graves in one day -- we also visited w.b. yeats resting site.

w.b. yeats grave

we continued on to donegal, which was home turf to our busdriver, neal.  we finished eating lunch just as the school was letting out for lunch and there were kids everywhere.  some kids were bullying this other kid, and neal stepped in and broke up the fight!  sent them both on their way...good guy that neal.

yesterday we took a ferry ride over to the island of inis mor, the largest of the aran islands.  the sea sickness kicked in on the boat over!  there were people upchucking left and right.  all i wanted to do was put my head down and pretend i was elsewhere, but one of the dude's on my tour just wasn't having it.  he wanted to chat.  and i was his victim. 

once we reached inis mor, we all rented bikes and went bike riding along the island.  some of the folks headed up to the fort, i biked up and down the coast right by the ocean side.  it was gorgeous.  did some shopping and was thisclose to buying a pair of awesome wool socks, but didn't.  the living room of the hostel had VHS's of "fawlty towers", so we spent the later part of the day watching episode after episode and shooting the preverbial craic.  that show is genius, i swear...

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the short walk up to queen maeve…
the "short walk" up to queen maev…
w.b. yeats grave
w.b. yeats grave
our mcguiness tour bus
our mcguiness tour bus
blake about to get his finger bitt…
blake about to get his finger bit…
the view from our hostel in donegal
the view from our hostel in donegal
photo by: chrisrae