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as per usual, whenever i start planning a trip i go waaaay overboard on my list of places to visit. as it stands right now i've got 19 stops in 24 days! and that's even down from 26 stops. well actually 22 days cause you can't count your first and last day there as those are nothing but travel. however this is always how i begin planning. i make a huge fantasy wish list and then hum and hah and cut out certain things until i'm finally down to something physicaly possible and desirable. although this time i'm seriously considering adding days as opposed to cutting locations cause it turns out there's a lot more in spain and portugal that i'd like to see than i intially thought!

despite how painful it is to cut things out of an itinerary, it's still exciting to be planning. just the fact that i've settled on my next location, set dates, and started to save the money is victory enough for me! there's so much i want to see in this world that it's almost impossible for me to ever pinpoint a location. therefore i just keep prolonging it and the next thing you know a year and half has passed since my last trip. and i don't like that. so now i'm counting down the days till december when i get to go to the other side of the planet again. wish me luck...

MzStacey says:
Good luck. Take lots of pictures to share.
Posted on: Aug 27, 2011
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