oh, please - not again.. this is why I don't want to travel while it's still dark

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i've dozed off for about 30 minutes and yes, am still in the bus to Davao.

I love this part - Sibagat area. It's 2:30 am already and being in a non-air, one can feel the wind from outside - cool and fresh. It's nice to see the stars in the sky, so many of them. You can also see the outline of the mountains on the other side, Surigao, perhaps. It seems so peaceful. We passed unlit bahay kubos (nipa huts).

Now, the road's full of fog and kind of zigzag. A challenging one for the driver.  Occasionally, we encountered 10-wheeler trucks full of logs. Agusan is known for its wood and timber - home of what is known as the iron wood.

It's on this part of the trip that I triple my prayers for safety - for the driver to be truly awake on these holy hours and for the other truck drivers as well.

Ah, I dreaded experiencing again what happened last August. It was also 2 AM and we we're almost in Davao when our bus accidentally collided with a motor bike, the driver of which died instantly. Our bus mirror was shattered and you can just imagine my shock - I was fully awake and seating directly behind the driver. Ugg, the worst part was that we ran over the poor guy - so horrible.

It was months later before I again mustered the courage to travel late at night. Now, like before, am again directl behind the driver, and praying very hard.

With a full schedule, I can't afford to travel by day, so I have to by night PLUS i needed to see the road, that's why I always opted to sit up front. Ah, when will i learn :)

Anyway, I'm confident that God's traveling mercy and protection is with us.

I love to travel in the evening for I can just sleep through the travel BUT at times when I can see that the driver's NOT fully awake, my I can't sleep - I have to devise ways to keep him awake - like chatting with him or coughing loudly or singing - just anything.

Like what I'm doing now - typing this journal in my mobile phone and occassionally humming something (loud enough for the driver, hehe.)

Now, we have our first full stop on San Francisco, yeah, we have one here :) There are more people here - the terminal is sort of crowded. My, I just saw lanzones over there. Should I buy? It's still too early, don't want an aching stomach on theway to Davao. But they look so yummy.


lanzones at San Franz terminal

Oh, there's the balut (unborn duck eggs where Philippines is so famous). I'd love to have one - ah, but we're moving already - just take a pic then.


famous BALUT

Okay, so off we go again, passing Rosario, Bunawan, Trento and to Compostela Valley, Davao. So sleepy already. Gotta doze off - let the angels take care of the driver, hehe. I know we'll be safe. God will take care of that.





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