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So I've made it to Kuala Lumpur.  Just.
My baggage at Heathrow came to 53 kilos.  They were so not letting me on the flight with all that luggage unless I left it, sent it with the excess baggage people to send or pay a whopping £896 to send it with me.  Thats £32 per additional kilo.
I expected maximum £200 or something.  The excess baggage people were going to charge £218 to get it to me within about 2 weeks and then pay AUD$80 when it arrived.

Luckily Dario came with me to the airport and he helped me repack my bags of essentials to fit within the 25kilo limit.  Then bravely took my excess stuff home with him and he'll send them on to me cheaply by sea. God love him.

I was mortified by the whole repacking thing in the airport.  I've seen others have to do it at other times and always felt sorry for them and relief that it wasn't me.
I guess I'm losing my charm.. I've never paid excess before and always been over the limit, but never 53 kilos!

I spoke to my Dad for about half an hour in the cab on the way to the airport which was nice almost like he was there to see me off.

So after the repack and a couple of cigarettes the gate loomed and it was all too quick.  Having to say goodbye to Dario who is someone I'll miss tremendously and not having an hour or so up my sleeve to say a proper goodbye was all a bit much.
As I went through the gates I started crying. I couldn't help it! A whole chapter of my life has now passed and even though I'm going home its a whole new world I'm walking into.
Crying was handy though.  The people on the gates helped me take my flip flops off to be scanned and didn't blink about the small pot contact lens solution I'd hidden in my hand luggage for the flight. hee hee

Once through I tried on glasses, bought cigarettes and generally wasted time. Until I saw that it was 9,50 and I wasn't anywhere near my gate that states it takes 15 minutes to get to. 
My hand luggage was heavy and I half ran half walked to the gate and I was fine. Loads of people were still boarding.

I had pretty awful food and watched The Devil Wears Prada on the flight (which was fab! go see it!) and drugged myself for the long flight ahead.
Next thing I knew I was being woken up for breakfast which was rice and chicken.  Weird.  But the other choice was omelette and airline egg sucks.

No battery in my laptop more later xx
Amanda says:
I love breakfast choices when heading to SE Asia, you always get a chicken/rice type option it seems, don't you? I know leaving was so hard honey, it always is... but soon things will settle in. Thanks for such a nice story, it helps those of us that are so hungry for news of your trip!

P.S. - Yes, airline eggs suck. I second that.
Posted on: Oct 06, 2006
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