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Coming off the flight I had to keep my adrenaline in check.  Knowing I probably had about an hour before I'd make it through the final arrival gates and see my sisters I was trying hard to swallow the butterflies in my chest.

Waiting in the long queues at customs I decided to see if my UK prepay sim worked here in Oz, surprisingly it did.  So I called Baby Jen to see if they made it to the airport to meet me.  I was relieved that they did and felt a little dumb for thinking they may have slept through the alarm or had an accident on the way.  With my severely reduced luggage  I could have made it home on the train anyway.

As I was hanging up a huge security guard complete with handgun marched up to me and told me that using mobile phones was illegal in this section and if I didn't want a $1000 fine I wouldn't try my luck again.  I'd forgotten that security guards carry guns too.  People used to call them Rent a Cop.  First day back and already I'm in trouble!

My bags were on the carousel in record time and I tried to recall if I do have something to declare.  I'm always saying I don't and finding that yes I do have things to declare.  I couldn't really think my brain was still a little mashed from the sleeping pills so I chose nothing to declare because the line was smallest.  My heart always beats like a criminal when my bags are being x-rayed thinking that maybe somehow I'd aquired some drugs or explosives along the way, and with the Shapelle Corby thing its definitly a possibility!  Everything was fine though and it turned out I didn't have anything to declare.\

Coming through the gates and I finally spotted Baby Jen and Katie they were looking for me and we all did double takes at one another... I've put on tons of weight since India (and look a bit worse for wear from the flight) Katie is blonde and Jen has grown another couple inches taller.

We all rushed to one another I ran over Katie's foot with the trolley, then Jen stomped on the same foot and we all hugged.  Awww.  It was just fab to be home.

The police have sexy new uniforms, it was over 20 degrees at 9am and the air was noticeably cleaner than London.  I think I'm going to like being back in Australia.

Getting home we got stuck into the Champers mum left for us.  It was just a fab day!



mahoney says:
It's always nice to go home, no matter where home is!
Posted on: Oct 11, 2006
Eric says:
Cool, glad you made it back safely and with no $1000 cell phone fines to boot...
Posted on: Oct 09, 2006
OurWorldTrip says:
Sexy police uniforms to welcome you back home? What else does a woman need ;)
Posted on: Oct 08, 2006
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