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After chatting to Katie, my sister last night we decided that it would probably be best that we tell Mum I'm coming home for her birthday because she's not too keen on surprises and absolutely loves the anticipation of an event, sometimes more than the event.  My mum too, likes counting down the days... I probably got that from her.

So I called home this morning when I woke up just to chat with no intention of telling her I was coming home until the flight was booked.. I hate saying I'm doing something and then it doesn't happen.

But through techniques that only mothers have, she managed to get it out of me.  The conversation went something like this:   (As you may have read in my silly disclaimer review I've been laid up in bed with the a cold (although I'm still inclined to thinks its flu..) 

Me: Mumma Lumma! Hi!!! (In my best non congested voice)
Mum: Oh darling you're still sick.  Its that bloody polluted country you're in. Why can't you just be here?
Me: I know Mum, it won't be long now.
Mum: Every day you stay is doing you more and more damage
Me: I know
Mum: And you smoke.. with your asthma you never were meant to be a smoker your body just can't handle it.
Me: (To get out of the smoking lecture) Mum about your birthday present... its all sorted but you need to pick it up. What are you doing on the 7th October.
Mum: Let me check my diary.... I'll be away at Budgewoi for the weekend
Me: Oh No!
Mum: Its alright I'll pick it up when I get back....Why? what have you done? Whats my present? Where do I have to pick it up? What is it?
Me: Me
Mum: (5 sec pause) What did you say?
Me: Its me! I'm your present
Mum: (another pause) Oh my God!!

Thankfully she was very excited and I didn't get a lecture about spending too much money which would have led right back to the smoking lecture.  I had made the right decision to tell her and not just land on her doorstep... obviously she wouldn't be there.  After talk of cancelling her trip away I insisted she still go away with the girls and I'll spend the night catching up and drunk with my girls.

When I got off the phone I checked the fridge and found I'm all out of food and cash. I'm not expecting to be paid until Monday so I logged on to check what piddling funds I may have left in my bank account and found I had been paid! YAY! 
Because of stringent saving rules I imposed on myself I'm living month to month.. or rather one week out of every month, the other 3 weeks should really just be considered existing.

So with this discovery busy mode began.. checking flights, putting credit on my phone (ending my contract was a big mistake), calling mates and thinking what tasty lunch I was going to whip myself up. 

It wasn't until my head panged just now I realised I'm still a little sick but nothing compared to how I was feeling this morning when I woke with a groan and cuss at the sunshine streaming through my window.

So with new found freedom of my last paycheck and relative health, my flight to Sydney is booked and so are drinks tonight.  I will be cabin fever girl no more!

What a day.


lisalush says:
Ha Dads shout! That will be the day! yes I smoke too much.
Posted on: Oct 11, 2006
bluejeanjenny says:
Thank you! I dobbed on her when we were little for smoking...didn't do much because she is still smoking like a chimney. After India Lis, we'll get you and Kate to the hypnotist. Dad's shout. Love it!
Posted on: Oct 11, 2006
mahoney says:
Mumma Lumma! I love it! Glad you're mom is excited to see you. BTW, you really should quit smoking ;)
Posted on: Sep 26, 2006
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