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My Bloopers - Take a Break and Laugh With Me

I had this urge to write down things that I find as signals of either 3 things:

1. I had too much of coffee and not enough sleep and breakfast; or
2. I've been thinking a lot lately (status of lovelife, perhaps?) and have been traveling a lot; or
3. Much as I don't like to admit it - getting old, thus explains the memory loss

These are all recent experiences and I had great fun after realizing they just happened. Well, I couldn
t help but be amused on my bloopers
I had a hard time stopping my grins.

Well, the best way to overcome embarrassment? Share them and laugh about them. Enjoy reading. I had fun.

1. I described my co-passengers of my Davao-Manila flight as
(after giving too many trainings)

2. When asked who were present for a certain meeting, I answered with confidence the names of my colleagues who weren
t even there or even near the meeting place (too many meetings)

3. I waited patiently for my turn to check-in the airport counter and when at last I was ahead of the long line, I found out that I was on the wrong airline - too bad, I had to fall in line again, this time on the right one (thinking a lot)

4. Upon waking from a catnap, I had a hard time locating the bus assistant whom I wanted to ask what time we were expected to arrive only to realize later that I wasn
t on any bus at all but on a plane. Imagine the confusion I would have caused my seatmate had I asked her where the bus assistant was (confused L

5. After sleeping lightly in a bus, this time for real, I felt afraid and confused upon seeing that the person beside me was grinning directly at me. Before I could ask
who are you? I finally remembered that the grinning person was my newfound friend whom I sat with for 4 days in a conference and that the bus was our official ride of the organizer
s free tour (absent-minded?)

I am sure, my friends, that you had similar experiences like what I had on the past days and although I'm not proud to say this, but I do take comfort from knowing that I am not the only one with the bloopers.

When colleagues share that like me, they too, feel strange that the rooms they wake up look different from time to time and sometimes, they had no idea where they are or that they got frustrated that the wire with the adaptor won't fit the laptop (because they shouldn't be connected there, in the first place) or they used their cell phones as mouse for their computer, my, am I glad to know that I am still normal, haha..

And knowing that there are more others outside my office experiencing similarly, the fun gets bigger. Who wouldn't break out into grins when the flight attendant announces 'we have just landed in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport' when you are very sure (this time at least) that you're flight is headed in the different direction? Well, I would for sure. I just did.

(just turned 28 last December)
(had 5 cups of coffee this afternoon, had noodles for lunch and no breakfast)
(unexciting love life)



Heres more:


q       Guess what? I just 'attempted' to insert my room key to open the elevator doors


q       When you have been working for 20 hours daily straight in a week, believe me, you have no time to 'think' on your words. Example? You ask your roommate to 'turn off the door'.


q       (from a personal friend) I am reminded of the time that I spent a whole week in Guwahati, India, charging all my hotel meals and hotel services to the wrong room number. The person staying in that room was quite shocked when he saw his bill! What happened? I was still using the number of my previous hotel room in Mumbai . . . too much travel, not enough sleep.


baliw-katok says:
Hahaha, very funny to read this.
Hmmm, how about this one ... When i was in Phils for the first time (17 yrs ago)me and my Filipina wife made an evening walk in here hometown and met some elderly people. My wife aasked me to bless their head and as a newly wed i followed that order ;-) ... only that i understood "kiss the head". So i give all those people a big kiss on their forehead (men and women) ... nobody said a word. Hahahaha.

Later my wife told me my blooper and explained how to bless the head by taking the hand of the elderly people and put it to my forehead. Hmmm, till 2 weeks later in Manila, we met one of her lola's. I thought i knew how to bless .... I took the hand of the lola and pushed my hand to her forehead ... shame on me. :-)
Posted on: Nov 10, 2011
yheleen says:
hey david, you're with the Toastmasters? wow.. i always wanted to join but then i just didn't have the chance yet :)
Posted on: May 15, 2008
yheleen says:
thanks David.. yea, i love to write.. i definitely will write more.. Ingat kaibigan :)
Posted on: May 11, 2008
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