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Me watching everyone head off to bed...
Well, I have been up all night now and people are slowly making their way off to get some rest. REST, I am a traveller and I will get the rest I need when I get home. As the last people head up to bed I make the choice to go for a walk and see the beauty that this unknown island nation as to offer as the sun rises over the horizon.

As I set out on my walk i notice how well keep the grounds are and how much time and effort is spent in taking care of the gardens. I continue on and notice that the gardeners are already out just before sunrise and starting their daily tasks to make things look beautiful for us, the visitors in the land. As I walk past everyone has a smile and everyone is open to talk, with their limited English the conversation is limited but friendly and interesting.
The beautiful sunrise in Cuba

I continue on and I watch a beautiful sunrise, not sure if it is just me but every sunrise I see in a different country has a unique beauty about it. It brings a peace and happiness inside to me because I am so fortunate to be where I am and see the natural beauty in front of me. The sun is up and I have been walking for about an hour now, the area of Cuba where I am in mainly made up of resort after resort. I made it to the city limits and decide to turn around and head back for some breakfast hoping that someone will have awoken and interested in joining me for some good carbs and fats.




I think I honestly ran like I was 6 years old again chasing the ice cream truck.
Enjoying some drinks on the patio
I ran all the way to the beach and I did not stop until the water was too deep and i fell over. Thankful that the beach was the softest sand I have every felt run through my toes but I do not think anything would have stopped me from making it to the ocean. I spent the rest of the day on the beach in the sun, I had went to a tanning booth before I left so I stayed in that hot sun all day long. Had a few drinks, Cuban rum very good and I think i was hooked by the end of the week.

The sand was so soft and the people and staff so friendly. They organised games on the beach for anyone to enjoy in the fun, simple games but interesting and enjoyable. The only thing I did not take delight in was that it was January and Cuba is in the same time zone as where I am from in Canada, so sunset was around 5:30. Just not enough sun, I wish there was a way to change the sun so that I could have it for 24 hours when I am in such a lovely location.

Well the sun is down and supper has been ate, which by the way was very good. They offered very interesting selections, I love fish and they had a great quantity of that but they also had dishes for the traveller that may not be into experimenting with different foods and tastes. Spent the night hanging out on the deck with everyone having some drinks and playing some cards. Cuban rum, I know I have said it before but the Havana Club 7 Year is very tasty :)

Once again the night is getting late and one by one we are losing people from the group. I have not slept since the plane ride in but I do not yet feel tired. Funny thing how the brain works, when you have something new, intriguing and interested your brain can make your body feel alive and awake without usually required rest. Down to the last few sitting around laughing talking and singing. Yes it is always fun to break out into a tune or two, I always sound like a rockstar when I am drunk. Well in my head anyways. The first night party is dying down but not for me and a buddy as the resort staff comes around for a visit they tell us about this party that is going on. It is a cave party and there is a bus that will be coming to the front of the hotel to pick people up if we wanted to attend. Lets see I have never been to a cave party before so I was game and so was my buddy so off we went to the front to wait for the bus.

20 minute ride in a very questionable bus, well it had the characteristics of one, but once we got there is was very cool. There was a DJ playing and this cave was just packed with people dancing and partying. We danced and drank with the locals until 4 in the morning. I would like to tell you that I stayed up and watched that sunrise again but I would be lying. A full day of sun and drinking has done its job and I now must sleep. Wow what a first day could it get any better....Goodnight
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Me watching everyone head off to b…
Me watching everyone head off to …
The beautiful sunrise in Cuba
The beautiful sunrise in Cuba
Enjoying some drinks on the patio
Enjoying some drinks on the patio
photo by: BarboraK