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Leura Station: Gateway to lue Mountains

After that 9 hour flight which included an-hour stop in Melbourne, we were finally in Sydney. Damn! The first thing I noticed was the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE around. Physically goodlooking as they are, these airport staff were so warm and helpful, too, that made me felt more excited for the things in store for us in Australia.


Gina, a good friend who has been living in Sydney for a decade now, met us in the arrival area of SYD airport. She treated us with some ice cream cones as what she says as her welcome gestures for the three of us. We got her car from the parking area, and drove immediately to the city.

With Ginger

As soon as I got a sight of the city, It felt like I was in a completely different world. Sydney was more interesting than I thought! Gina showed us some landmarks that say seem to be greeting our arrival, too. This crazy girl Gina. Knowing that Filipinos love to shop, she brought us to  the Factory outlet. Hahaha. I had no plans of purchasing an item at all, but when I saw the price of a pair of Lacoste shoes that I have been dying to buy in Manila, man I immediately grabbed them and paid at the cashier. I was like a kid who saw a candy and ran away for its ownership.  A pretty good start by losing some dollars righaway! But the biggest losers were Ginger and Ped who bought three pairs of shoes each! Hahaha!

And so we continued driving trough the city, passing by The Rocks, The Opera Harbour and Bondi. We all wanted to get off from the car and take a better view of these areas but we needed to meet another friend for lunch, and we have two days ahead of us to spend in Sydney anyways.

Gina giving me and ped a welcome ice cream treat
And so we proceeded to Chinatown's Nine Dragon Restaurant for lunch. Unlike in Manila where everything is almost Chinese, Chinatown here displays a dash of some Victorian styles which will remind you are still in Oz. After finishing our meal, we went to Rydges Capitol Square Hotel in Campbell Street. Since we will be spending the night in Blue Mountains, we got some clothes that we will be needing for the night before checking all our bags in. Gina showed us the way to the Sydney train station which was just a few meters from our hotel, making us appreciated Gina's choice of accommodation for us. We bought our train City train tickets to Leura station which cost AUD12.
York Fairmont Hotel, Blue Mountains
60 one way. Gina was so funny by appearing so worried of us like we were her own kids and had to leave us on our own trip. She wanted to join us to Blue Mountains but she needed to do some work in Sydney.

And so our train left Sydney Central at 410PM, while the three of us were kinda' uncertain, yet excited for the things waiting for us in Blue Mountains.


It was drizzling when we arrived in Blue Mountains at 6PM. It took us awhile before we got a cab that brought us to our host hotel- York Fairmont, which was just 3 minute-drive from Leura Train Satation. Wow, the hotel lobby looked so cozy which made us more exciting for a relaxing overnight stay ahead of us. Once we have settled in our room, the next thing we all wanted to do was check out the hotel's swimming pool that Gina kept on telling us about. With cold temeprature of 5 degrees outside, it was but a great idea to dip in a pool of warm water. Indeed it was. The three of us were the only ones in the pool area, which gave us the whole ownership of all the facilities which includes our favorite warm jacuzzi.

We went back to our room after a couple of hours and needless to say, we all had a good night sleep. =D

sylviandavid says:
Ha.... your shoe story reminded me of our last trip to Greece. We took our daughter and her fiance, Robert. Robert bought pair after pair of shoes. In the end I had to give him my folding suitcase to haul them in as we traveled. It was so funny that he had such a fetish... He could NOT stop buying shoes! I'll bet he bought 6 pairs... including two pairs of cowboy boots! (Good for you that you stopped at one pair!)
Posted on: Jul 01, 2008
the_bloodsucker says:
oh yeah. i always told you one of the reasons why i love bangkok is beacuse of shopping! LOL =D
Posted on: Jun 17, 2008
dodge says:
Filipinos love shopping huh? Likewise :D I hope you don't have same habit of photomania as Thais too :p
Posted on: Jun 14, 2008
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Leura Station: Gateway to lue Moun…
Leura Station: Gateway to lue Mou…
With Ginger
With Ginger
Gina giving me and ped a welcome i…
Gina giving me and ped a welcome …
York Fairmont Hotel, Blue Mountains
York Fairmont Hotel, Blue Mountains
York Fairmont lobby
York Fairmont lobby
Atleast Ped and Ginger found somet…
Atleast Ped and Ginger found some…
Late night video games
Late night video games
Practising some skiing
Practising some skiing
with Ginger
with Ginger
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