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Executive Suite
The day we left for Kuala Lumpur was quite hectic. Even though the flight would not leave until just before midnight there was plenty to do. We had booked the apartment in Brisbane for that night too, so we had the whole day to pack up our stuff before going to the airport. We were all excited, Reagan was really looking forward to the plane ride. (As was Merv, he loves big planes!) We had more stuff to pack and ended up having to leave more things behind as we just didn’t have the space in our bags or they would be overweight. It was hard saying goodbye to some of my Tupperware…

The taxi arrived to take us to the airport and we were there with loads of time to spare. We walked around, shopped a little bit (had to buy an extra bag) and ate, and then we could finally check in. This is when we got some bad news…. The person who had booked our flights had forgotten to link our tickets which meant that the girls and I were linked and sitting together, but Merv was supposed to sit somewhere else as they had not booked seats together… As you can imagine we were not impressed! Fortunately it all got sorted before boarding… As it was getting later the kids (read: Reagan) were getting more impatient. They were playing together but Reagan wasn’t listening very well anymore as there were also a lot of other kids to play with… Finally she started to get tired and almost fell asleep just before boarding, so in the end she didn’t really get to enjoy the flight much.

On board we had a bassinet for Jordan, a little baby basket that hangs off the wall in front of you that the baby can sleep in. This was good for her, but Reagan had a normal seat she had to sleep in, and she got quite upset as she couldn’t sleep well and her legs were getting sore. In the end we put her in the bassinet for a while, legs over the side, and this is the only way she slept. I slept quite well, but Merv can’t sleep on planes so he only got to close his eyes for about five minutes…

Arriving in Kuala Lumpur was good as we at least had some idea of what to expect. We didn’t expect for the limo (=luxury car) not to show up though, even though this had happened to us the last time we were in Malaysia! After a few phonecalls and walking around we ended up getting into a van as we had too much luggage for a normal limo. The trip to the hotel in the city centre is about 75 kilometers and this was a very uncomfortable trip. As you can imagine we were a bit worn out by the time we got there…

At the hotel we were met by a friendly face that we recognised from our stay in 2003, the porter. We had a chat with him and went up to our room which was exactly as we remembered it. While we were unpacking we had a phonecall from the manager of the hotel, whom we had already had a lot of contact with by email before we arrived. She had heard about the limo mix-up and offered to upgrade our room! (We had a feeling of deja-vu here as this had happened in 2003 as well.) She showed us two rooms which were both executive suites and let us pick one. The suite was huge, with a loungeroom with a desk for the laptop, a couch, tv and guest toilet, and then there was the bedroom with another couch and tv and the bathroom. Not bad at all!

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Executive Suite
Executive Suite