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I finally made it to Oktoberfest!
Never forget your passport! When I left my place in Putney that friday morning headed for the London city airport I checked 3 times that I had everything. Because I had tried to fit everything into one bag (originally two), my passport was in the bag I didn't take with me.  AAAaaarrggghhh! Got to the airport (travelling alone) and took one step towards the baggage check-in queue and instantly had a sick feeling. Then in ultra-slow-motion I said out loud to no-one in particular, "I haven't got my passport". One girl looked at me and laughed! Nice.

So I asked the lady at information about travelling without a passport and she basically laughed at me. Although, if I was an EU citizen then I would only need ID. I'm Australian, so no go. She said, "If you can be back here with your passport in an hour then...". That's all I needed to hear (now imagine mission impossible music playing). I ran outside to a cab rank and asked a cabbie how long it would take to get to Putney and back and also how much it would cost. I only had an hour before my flight boarded. He said it's impossible, it would take 3 hours in traffic and would cost £80-£100!! I said, "really?....nah....really?". Forget that.

Then my last ditch effort was to change my flight to later that day, running back inside all flustered, the information lady noticed my urgency and promptly stated, "Your ticket is non-changeable, sorry". There had to be something I could do. I scanned the lobby for other options. That was it. I fell silent and surcomed to the inevitable.
"I can't go to Oktoberfest.", I said sadly like a 10 year old would. I think she felt sorry for me after seeing me dash out the door earlier. So she cut me a deal, pay an extra £44 and get the flight leaving same time the next day (Sat.). I sighed 14 times then said, "Ok, cool".

I immediately text messaged my friends going to Munich. This was the famous text:
'I forgot my passport, fucking pissed off, I'm at the airport. I was able to rebook for tommorow. will get to munich airport sat. 2:10pm!!'

So I ventured home and played guitar all day and night (sad songs). By Saturday morning I was ready for another go.

I finally made it to Oktoberfest.

I was happy.

VegasBrittney says:
Posted on: Nov 09, 2006
mahoney says:
Ah yes, your passport is your only ticket to the world. I clip mine to my tickets, that way I never forget it, or forget them both!
Posted on: Sep 22, 2006
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I finally made it to Oktoberfest!
I finally made it to Oktoberfest!
photo by: ulysses