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Battleship Memorial Park was a wicked cool place to kill a few hours and that is exactly what we did.  You come down the drivway and there are planes and tanks and planes.  Once you park and go into the little visitors center and gift shop you buy your ticket wich is like 12 dollars for an adult wich isnt bad and then you step out the back door and head on over to the main attraction The USS Alabama.  The ship has been used in the TV show Unsolved Mysteries and the movie Under Siege.  Its other use Im sure everyone knows.  It has been turned into one giant museum.  Walking through you can feel the history as well as see and there is alot to explore.  Unfortunately not all of the ship is on display but a good portion of it is.

  You can go 7 levels up or down you dont actually realize how high it is untill you get up there and thats not all the way to the top.  Walking out on the deck seeing the massive cannons or the anchor chains was just awesome.  Sitting in one of the gunners seats was just cool.  There is so much to see so after taking numerous pictures we headed for the USS Drum wich is right next door.  The Drum was a submerine.  I say was because well she just isnt seaworthy anymore and after her accomplishments she has a right to be retired.  Another huge museum I have been on the USS Albacore but that was just a dwarf compared to this.  Going through and seeing and being able to get hands on with a piece of machinery like this was amazing.  This isnt all the park has to offer next up the aircraft hanger.  They have a flight simulator for like 5 dollars you get like 8 minsin this thing and they have different programs.  All the aircraft in here are equally as impresive as the ships outside.  We got there at about 8 or 9 and left maybee between 11 or 12 we spent alot of time just tooling around and playing with evrything and taking pictures it was a fun place. 

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Battleship Memorial Park a wicked good time
For about $12 for an adult you can see all sorts of history. Not only can you see it, you can touch it and walk through it. The USS Alabama is not onl… read entire review
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