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After getting back onthe road we made it into Nasville just about lunch time.  When we pulled off the highway (we were looking fo anothr HRC) my brothe freaked when he saw a White Castle.  Its a burger place with super tiny burgers.  I told him to order me one and he said I would want more than 1 so he ordered me 4.  These burgers fit into the palm of your hand with room to spare.  After eating lunch we headed into the city of Nashiville where we found another BB Kings the Charlie Daniles Museum and of course the HRC.  We dint find the Grand Ole Opry I would have like to have gotten a pic of it for my dad but no such luck we needed to get back on the road if we were going to make to Lynchburg on time to get to the Jack Daniles Distillery.  Off again and trying to find this place was not easy there are not kidding when they say you dont just pass through you are there on purpose or your lost.  We were lost and not in Lynchburg and it was getting down to the wire on weather or not we were going to make it on time.  We finally got it all figured out and made it just in time for the last tour of the day.  It was fun educational and free.  We got on a bus and it dropped us off in front of the Rickyard wich is where they make thier charcoal for thier filtering process we got our pictures taken and it gets posted on the website.  They take you through Jack's old office that still contains the safe that killed him and the spring wich is still used to make Jack Daniles whiskey.  Into the depths where photography and elctronics are not allowed due to an explosion risk and into the storage house where the whiskey ages and you end up back in the vistitors center where you get some lemonaide.  They sell commerative bottles (even though its a dry county) in the gift shop.  We couldnt stick around for too much longer we were expected in Douglasville so we were back on the road and between 10-11 we pulled up to my freinds house where we didnt do much than just head to bed.  After so many non eventful days it was nice to have a day or 2 of things to do.  Memphis Nashiville and Lynchburg were all a blast I cant wait to go back and spend some real time in all the cities.
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photo by: kensac