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The next day we got a phone call saying the our aunt and uncle were in Las Vegas.  So we found out where they were staying and went to go say hi.  My brother never bough his plane ticket and we eneded up spending the night with them we ordered pizza watched a movie and talked we were deciding if we wanted to go to the Grand Canyon wich for me was out of bounds.  We went anyway as long as I was going to make it back to base on time wich I did.  I didnt realize exactly how far away it was it looked so close on the map but it took awhile to get there.  It was a fantastic sight I would love to watch a thunder storm come through there.  you can see for miles around and all the colors of the rock were amazing.  we poked around for a bit took some pictures and did the gift shop thing where I bought yet another stuffed animal and 2 books of post cards not to send them to anyone but because the pictures were cool.
  We didnt end up staying lonf because I had to drive all the way back to Camp Pendleton and had to be there for 0530.  So we headed back to the car on our way out there were deer everywhere like they didnt care they were in the road or wherever.  We grabbed a small bite to eat and started driving again and it seemed longer this time and driving across the desert in the dark the first time wasnt fun I knew the second time around was going to be worse but it was all worth it I got to spend time with some of my family and see a bunch of cool stuff not to mention all the cool stuff I bought. 
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Grand Canyon
photo by: Sunflower300