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The boat and all it's passengers left the marina about 9am headed towards Capri. It took about 1.5 hours before we got close to the island. Along the way the sea was fairly calm with just a slight swell. As the boat was a tour they pointed out various bits of things to note about the island such as the bronze statue of the young boy welcoming people to Capri. We then cruised around the coast past Marina Grande and to the Blue Grotto.

We stopped here to allow people to visit the Grotto. There were boatloads of people waiting to get into the small row boats which would allow them to get into the Grotto. The captain of our boat mentioned that the Grotto wouldn't be all that good today due to the dark clouds, but eventually we decided to do it as it would be our only chance.

After quite some time of waiting – while our boat and all the others began to bob up and down due to the increased swell – we had our turn of getting into the row boats.

Now the gap into the Grotto is quite small so everyone must lye down into the hull as much as possible to avoid hitting the rocks. This wasn't very comfortable at all and because the boats we were in were much smaller, they moved to the swell a lot more. Our boat was lined up to go in when the operators cancelled all entry as it had become to dangerous to enter. We were both relieved - relieved in that we could get out of the small boat as we'd begun getting a bit sea sick and we didn't need to run the risk of crushing our heads against the rocks - and disappointed in not going in.

The tour then took us around to see the Madonna which is a naturally forming stalagmite which some believe resembles the Madonna.

It was a bit hard to see from the boat but it did have the shape of a person. After this we were dropped off at Piccolo Marina so we could explore the island of Capri. There are 2 options of getting around Capri – walk the steps and catch the bus which winds it's way around. We started to walk abit but decided to head back down to the marina, grab a bite to eat and sit for a while. It sucks being prone to travel sickness.

The marina had a nice little pebble beach were we layed out our towels and rested after having lunch. It was nice to relax for a while in the slight sunshine but more overcast. Being a pebble beach meant it was inevitable that there would be some rock throwing. We began just throwing them in the water, then aiming at closed rocks, then making it harder and harder.

It was good fun.

Craig walked for 25mins up the steps to reach to mid point between the marinas as we needed to get some money out. At the top it seemed there was a main road with lots of little shops on each side. It was hard to get a good view of anything from up there due to all the large trees, but what could be seen was much like all the buildings in the small marina.

The boat ride back took us around the island looking at the Green Grotto, a small cave which had what looked like 3 white figurines which we were told were not placed there but formed naturally and some other natural formations. The boat ride back, even though it felt rougher, wasn't too bad as the only times we slowed down we were in protected bay so thankfully didn't feel sea sick.

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photo by: Miranda-Maas