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After a fair sleep in we venture out into the city. First stop was the bakery for a nice serving of burek for our breakfast. It was nice but not as nice as we had last time in Croatia. We were in desperate need of fresh fruit and vegetables so we went to the local fresh food market and picked up some great produce. As we could wait till later to test out the food, we headed back to the hostel and got stuck into the watermelon – it's been well over 2 years since we've had watermelon so it was devoured in no time. Bec then made up a small fruit salad bowl.

Back out on the streets of Zagreb, this time following the map to take a walking tour of Upper Town.

While we were walking around we noticed so many people wearing Croatian colours and so many cars driving along with the Croatian flags flying in support of their team for the Euro cup. In fact most bars had big Ozujsko (team sponser) banners up everywhere trying to encourage the punters to come in and support the team.

In the main square a large tent has been erected with lots of plasma screen around the walls – it was reminiscent of Oktoberfest but no screens. Outside there was a huge screen ready to show the games. We walked up to the Upper town and had a little rest on a park bench with all the locals. There wasn't any view because of the large tree's but as it was a warm day, being in the shade was nice. At the top end of the town there is a large church which has it's roof covered in coloured tiles and two large emblems on it.

It's pretty fancy. Nearby is the stone gate, which now houses a very small chapel which when we were going through was full of tour groups annoying those in there trying to pray.

A short stroll later (after grabbing an icecream to cool down) we arrived at the huge cathedral which we went inside for a look. As always they are beautiful with huge stained glass windows and large religious paintings. People were in there praying so after a short look around we headed back outside and down the hill back to the main square. We ventured inside the tent for some refreshments as it was very humid. We decided to head back to the hostel for a little while and then visit the lower town later in the day when it was a bit cooler – actually turned out to be a great idea because shortly after the thunder storms rolled in.

It rained for the rest of the afternoon so it was a quiet one in the hostel.

This gave us a chance to try and plan the remained of the trip. After some searching for ways to get from Croatia across to Greece, then Macedonia and then back to London, it became evident that getting to Greece was going to be a struggle and it would mean rushing through Croatia. So we made the decision to take our time seeing and experiencing Croatia and drop Greece from the plans. This also meant that we could come back to Zagreb before going to Macedonia (seems easiest route) and we would get the chance to see the lower town. So the day wasn't a wash out.

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photo by: EmEm