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We arrived in San Sebastian at 6.40am after a very long train ride. Thankfully there was nobody else in our section se we both got to stretch out on the seats and get some sleep during the night. Unfortunately the sleep was broken a few times by ticket and passport inspectors and a group of Polish guys that decided that yelling every few minutes from 1am- 3am was a funny thing.. It was a pleasant change when they got off.

Arriving so early meant we couldn't check in, but thankfully there was a small bar which ha opened around 7 so we enjoyed a good coffee and croiscant. We had about 4 hours to kill so we headed to the beach for a look around. San Sebastian is quite small so it didn't take long to get there.

It's a nice beach but the weather was overcast and cold, so it wasn't going to be a place to sleep. We sat and watched the waves roll in but eventually we decided to head up Mount Urgell for a look.

It was a nice little walk up the hill, you can either take the easy slope or the stairs to get to the top. We had plenty of time so we took the sloped path – even stopping at a small grassed area with benches for a nap. Now there's something to tell the kids when they get older. The wind picked up so we moved on and checked out the castle grounds at the top of the hill..

We had heard a bit of music and lots of kids making noise in the city so we headed down to town to investigate. It turned out to be a little game of soccer at the base of the hill.

We walked around for a while and came across a place for a nice fry up breakfast. Now fried and and bacon is not something we come across much – well not since we left England – so we were excited. After a great breakfast (which turned out to be just before 12) we wandered around town and then checked in.

We were both exhausted from very little and interrupted sleep on the train so had a lie down for a while. Once we had rested up a bit we took a stroll along path beside the beach, looking at the crazy people that were swimming. We stopped off at a beachside cafe and had a drink.

It was about 6ish so we headed back towards the hostel as there were plenty of bars and cafes around there to get some dinner. We grabbed a drink and pintxos – which are plates of tapas laid out across the bar, you put what you want on the plate, order a drink and pay up. Great stuff, very tasty, good variety. We did this at 2 bars and ended up feeling very full and still tired from travel so headed to the hostel and watched a movie.

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