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We got up around 9, grabbed something quick to eat from the shop for breakfast and made our way to the train station.  The Atocha train station is quite impressive.  The large atrium which looks like it used to be the area for the platforms and the end of the train lines is now a large space with tropical palms and other trees.  Buying tickets at the station involved lining up with everyone else as the ticket machines only accept payment through credit card with a pin number which due to the bank stuffing up, we don't know the pin numbers.  After some time of waiting it was our turn to get the tickets and head to the platform.

The train ride was only 3 hours and was comfortable and smooth.  We arrived mid afternoon in Valencia to nice warm sunshine which was good considering the weather had begun to turn bad in Madrid and it rained for a considerable portion of the ride.
  We headed straight for the hostel which wasn't too far a walk so we could book in and drop off the bags.

As usual we just started to walk around to see what was nearby.  The hostel was right on the edge of the centre so it wasn't long before we found ourselves walking through the narrow streets heading towards the cathedral.  The tour book mentioned that this cathedral was home to the Holy Grail so we wanted to see what it was like and compare it with the one Indiana found.

We searched high and low through the cathedral and couldn't find the Grail.  We did see a sign which had the times it would be on display and we were there within those time frames, but no Grail.  The poster of it showed it as a very flashy cup, a bit to flashy for a poor carpenter, so we left the cathedral both agreeing the one in Indiana Jones seems more appropriate.
  In the square in front of the cathedral there were lots of little market stalls so we walked around for a little. 

It was just after 6 and we were quite hungry as we didn't really have any lunch, so we walked around away from the tourist area of the cathedral looking for a place to sit and eat paella.  Now as Valencia is the home of Paella you might be mistaken in thinking it is readily available.  We walked for quite a while looking at menu's, closed restaurants which weren't going to open for another couple of hours (1 didn't open till 9pm) until we headed back to the cathedral and found a place in the square.  We didn't even bother with the menu and ordered a plate of paella each.  It was only while we began eating it that we thought  better not order without knowing the price first, but was quite surprised to find out it was about 10 euros each for a huge plate.  Very very tasty.

We slowly walked back to the hostel, relaxed and watched a movie.
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Just what the stomach ordered
Just what the stomach ordered
photo by: spocklogic