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The big day had arrived - it was time to go on the Sound of Music Tour and Bec was very excited.  As we didn't get to see the movie last night Bec was a bit worried she'd be rusty when it came to singing some of the songs, but she knew most of them so it was going to be ok.  We took the morning tour as we weren't sure how much of the town it covered and left the afternoon to check out the rest of the place.

The tour takes in the white gazebo, the grounds and lake behind the house in the movie, get a glimpse of the Trapps actual house, go through the Lakes area to see the cathedral where they were married and also a look (from a distance) at some of the hills used in the movie.  Time flew quite quickly and before we knew it we were back in town just outside Mirabell Gardens.
  The downside to the tour is that you only get to be up close to a few of the locations - all the rest you had to look from afar, but that's the same with all the tours.

After a good look through the gardens  and the gnome garden we headed into the centre to get our train tickets to Interlaken for the following day.  Thankfully the man behind the counter spoke English quite well so we got the tickets for the trains we needed.  As the tour doesn't go to the castle we decided to climb the stairs to reach the top and see what it's all about.  We were quite suprised to see that they were charging entrance but thankfully it included all the areas and a train back down.

The castle like most others have a great view over the town and surrounding areas.
  There were a few exhibits inside regarding the history of the castle, of Salzburg and marionettes.  We had a good look through all the rooms (wanted to get our moneys worth), took in the audio tour which was crowded and rushed as it was near the end of the day and they were shuffling people through each room as quickly as possible.  We took the funicular (train) down the hill and walked around the town below the castle.  Had a great chilli sausage and some gherkins from a street vendor (if only we'd found him yesterday!!) which was so good.  While walking around we noticed quite a few shops with thousands of decorated eggs on display - for all different occassions.  Never seen so many eggs!

As the tour included a free cocktail at the hostel we headed back to enjoy it while watching the sound of music.  Unfortunately a number of people decided to use the small internet area behind the movie area to chat loudly so it was very hard to hear anything or enjoy it.  So we called it a night.

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photo by: travpro11