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Today was the big walking tour of ancient Rome with Mel being our ad-hoc guide as she'd been here before. First stop was the Colosseum. As we expected it was surrounded by fellow tourists and hawkers selling rubbish. The Colosseum is huge, but it never quite matches what you imagine it to be like in person after seeing it on postcards which have probably been photo-shopped. Couldn't really get a good feel for the size of it because of all the people and the trees, but we were still very impressed. There was quite a line to get in and with so much else to see we moved along.

Roman Forum was right nearby and the line was smaller and moving quickly so we went in. The is the area where they have uncovered a lot of the ancient buildings, but without a guide it looks like very old buildings.

We did try and get the audio guide but we were just waved off and pointed to another direction. We walked around the site for a good hour looking at the old walls, archways and paths but the call of espresso got the better of us.

After grabbing a coffee and a bite to eat we headed to the Trevi Fountain. Of course, being a main attraction the place was packed. We managed to find a spot to sit just near the fountain and we weren't in any hurry to move on. Bec threw a few coins over her shoulder and made a wish just like the other few hundred people we saw. But it was good to sit and watch everyone and even better was that there wasn't any room for hawkers.

A short walk later and we found ourselves sitting on the Spanish steps enjoying even more sunshine.

Most people would know about the steps in that it is the place to sit and be seen and as there are quite a few steps and being wide, there was plenty of space to sit and relax for a while. Took a few photos and chilled for a while watching all the people coming and going.

Next stop was the engineering marvel of the Pantheon. Was quite amazed that entry was free considering the prices being charged for other monuments. The domed building is huge and it's just mind boggling how they could have made it all those years ago without the tools and equipment we have today. We even splashed out on an audio guide to get a bit of history and understanding of the building. It would have been good to see what the building originally looked like before it became a church.

No better way to finish a tour of a city than a big beer and it's exactly what we did. Enjoyed a good drink and some snacks before making the long walk back to the train station. Thankfully by this time of the evening the tourists had either headed away or were in restaurants so we got a good look at a few of the sights under lights.

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