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So you've all heard the rumors about the ladies of the night and how readily available they are in Las Vegas, well in Pahrump it's legal, so there's that. Eric's dad and step mom actually flew in from Michigan to come to the last round of the WSC and my mom who lives in St. George, UT made it down mostly just to get away so it was a whole family affair. We were at Terrible's RV park and this site is scary small it is a pond not a lake and we are talking literally a duck pond, very scary when you put a bunch of 600lb+ jet ski's together and tell them to go really fast (in case you didn't know jet ski's don't have breaks). The location was great for RV's beautiful grass tons of shade, a small casino but no motel on site, we stayed up the road a few miles since Mike and Kelly were unable to join us for this trip. Pahrump also has a winery that I had no idea exsisted, imagine that I've lived 45minutes away for 18 years and never knew, Eric's parents made sure to take advantage of the winery. It's a very quiet town in general spread out but growing very quickly especially with the massive boom taking place in the neighboring Las Vegas property value is sky rocketing. We sat on the grass under the willow trees and enjoyed the races we had one close call as a beginning jet ski racer didn't make a tight coner came straight for us and would've run us over if it hadn't been for the fact that the pond was man made and those all concrete bottom and sides. The jetski was contained but damaged and had to be pulled to shore. Eric took 4th and 5th. Last year Eric won 1st place for "Beginner" Ski Limited after racing in that class for 2 years and so he moved up to this years class "Limited" Ski Limited So here is where it get's interesting we went to the awards ceremony that evening since we were there anyway and wouldn't you know it. Eric won!!! Again I don't understand the math I don't see how 2+1+4+1+3+4+4+5 = 1st but apparently persistance and going to every race and not just some of them means he won and I'm thrilled!! We are heading for World Finals where people from literally all over the world come to beat each other on the water at Lake Havasu.
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photo by: cotton_foam