Mark Hahn Memorial Race - Season Begins

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This is an awesome event, and one heck of a way to start the season off. It is a 300 mile endurance race which is just plain crazy. Most racers do it in teams of 2; some in larger teams and some attempt the Iron Man which is insane. It is a lap type course each lap being approximately 8 miles long this year a new record was set by the winners who completed the race in 4 hours and 50 mintues. This race takes incredible team work, you have to have a team waiting on the beach ready to refuel your boat and send you on your way quickly. I was on the beach making sure my guys kept warm when they weren't on the water and keeping themselves hydrated and fed; as well as doing some lap counting to make sure they were coming in for feul at the right time.  Eric teamed up with our friend "Action" Jackson and they switched off about every 5 or 6 laps. The water was still very cold and very rough you could see them getting thrown around like rag dolls, loving every second of it. Eric was wishing he'd actually spent some time training because the last 6 laps he was just simply holding on, no longer racing.  After the race everyone gets a few hours to clean up rest and then the party begins. The awards ceremony is held that evening with lots of delicious food and beverages and retelling of how some racers fell off or how that one guy just managed to squeeze by. Yep looking forward to next year!
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