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Hue is distinctive for having wide streets lined with trees. By all accounts it has an impressive intellectual & cultural heritage, which Katie & I shamefully failed to appreciate.


We were only in Hue for the weekend and on Saturday I felt crook so I stayed in bed with some medicine and a book. On Sunday I was feeling good, but the weather wasn’t and it rained ferociously all day.


Katie & I decided we weren’t going to let a few raindrops stopping us from sight seeing, so we commandeered two cyclo’s* and headed off to see The Citadel**


*Cyclo’s are 3-wheeled bikes that have been converted to carry seated passengers at the front, propelled by a man pedalling at the back.

**The Citadel is a large, ancient complex with a castle like building in the centre and religious buildings scattered around the edges. It has a very important historical relevance, which I can’t tell you anything about because I still haven’t got around to reading the blurb in the Lonely Planet, and seeing as I’ve since given away the book, it’s unlikely I will ever will….


Our cylos had been ingeniously waterproofed so that the sitting space was entirely covered by plastic sheeting, with a tiny gap for the passenger to gaze out of. Being inside was like being a giant baby in a giant pram.  Kate and I thought this was so hysterical that we guffawed with laughter at the sight of each other almost all the way to the citadel.


Once there the rain had escalated to world cup standards of Bucketing Down. We wrapped ourselves tightly in our cling-film waterproofs (see pic) and clambered out towards the building. At the doorway to the Citadel we glanced about, nodded, ‘yes, old looking, grand certainly, eastern style… bloody hell we’re getting soaked! Lets get back into those Cyclos..’


And we laughed all the splashy way back to hotel again.  Our cyclo drivers were smiling too; I admired how jolly they seemed in spite of getting drenched, although they were probably just laughing because they thought Katie and I were total lunatics.
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photo by: Paulovic