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Not seeing Angelina or Brad 

Mumbai exceeded our expectations, but then we were totally convinced we'd hate the place & it'd be a filth pit like Delhi. (Sorry Delhi Lovers).

We stayed 2 nights in Mubai, both in the vicinity of the Gateway To India monument, which is on the seafront. This area is clean and grand, almost like London in a heatwave. First night we stayed in a cheapo place with a splendid foyer fronting a decaying concrete borstal. However it had 2 things to recommend it: warm water and sheets that looked like the dirt had at least been well boiled in.

On the second day we stayed in the 5 star Taj Palace Hotel. Please don't think me a Champagne Backpacker (I wish!) This was actually Debbie's treat to herself and she very, very generously asked me to join her. We felt like absolutle vagrants booking in amisdt India's finest, but the experience was much elevated by the discovery that our modest tower room was not ready & instead we would be upgraded to the Seagull Penthouse. The penthouse room welcomed us with chilled white wine, a bowl of exotic fruit, chocolates and a delightful view over the monument & harbour. The bathroom was a jewel of black marble and shiny silver; the floors were covered in deep soft mushroom carpet, and there were authentic Indian paintings on the wall. The bed was as big and lavish as you'd expect; the TV was huge & flat, and above it all hung a sparkling chandalier.

To add to the excitement, we'd been reading in the papers for at least a week that Brad and Angelina were staying at the Taj too, having completed shooting on her recent film. I'm sure it crossed both mine and Debbies' minds that the only thing missing from the magnificence of our room was Brad himself.

Turns out we didn't see even a glimpse of Brangelina, although we saw a famous US baseball player (godknowswho) and were assured the captain of the Indian cricket team was sharing our air. In such noble & distinguished company we spent a contented evening indulging in (separate!!) bubble baths,  room service and watching 'Madagascar' on-demand. Happily forgetting the many declaraitions we'd made throughout the India trip to a 'simple' and 'non-materialistic' life.


jethanad says:
No pics of the fabulous view from the windows? Wish I had a friend like Debbie's taste and budget - jko
Posted on: Feb 25, 2010
mfmcp1982 says:
I echo Andi - I was hoping for hotel pictures, I always like them!! :D
Posted on: Apr 02, 2008
AndiPerullo says:
No pictures of this fabulous room??? And you didn't see Brangelina either, boohoo. But, it's nice that you were able to enjoy a little luxury!
Posted on: Apr 20, 2007
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