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Priceless Lao T-Shirt Philiosphy:


I'm coming home now; I've found the meaning of life.



Walking past one of the many tacky TV bars in Vang Vien, Nam spotted a Good Friend waiting tables. The Friend greeted us both with a wide smile and a hearty back pat for Nam. Despite the fact the friend was as small and lean as a 10 year old, he had an impressive semi-full moustache. Standing next to him I felt like a giantess; I could snap him in two & dip him in my tea like a sweet biscuit.


Tiny ‘tache guy fussed around us, taking orders for Beer Lao (for Nam) and Red Wine N’ Coke (for classy me*). He and Nam chatted spiritedly & I asked Nam ‘Won’t he join us for a drink’.

‘No’ came the reply, ‘He’s just married and his wife won’t let him’. TinyTache twinkled shyly before skipping away.


Over the three days of our stay in VangVien the wife remained elusive; an imagined figure of dominant scorn… but Tiny kept appearing like a magic fairy.  I would look up from the table and see him draped across Nam with doe-y eyes, or perched on Nam’s lap, arms flung about his neck.


Walking back one evening I ventured to say to Nam ‘You know, in England that would seem very gay….’ He threw me a reproachful look as if I were a nasty child who’d just yelled ‘POO!’ in class. He shook his head, ‘No it’s not like that’.


I quickly shut up. Either I’m totally failing to grasp the local culture or I’m totally failing to grasp the obvious.


* The wine here is so horrible the only way to make it remotley palable is by mixing with cola.

IvanG says:
earlier this year I missed an opportunity to go to Laos, but hoping I get one more chance. Looks fantastic - and thanks for sharing your travels & photo's
Posted on: Jun 28, 2007
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minor roadworks on main street.
minor roadworks on main street.
Kirsten, Darren & Me @ Stickys.
Kirsten, Darren & Me @ Stickys.
look close; sparring lizards!
look close; sparring lizards!
Nam & Warror Kid
Nam & Warror Kid
Laos New Years celbrations: Mr Noi…
Laos New Years celbrations: Mr No…
photo by: skydiver