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In Perfect Company

For a supposed traveller I spent quite a lot of LA time deliberatley avoiding the sights.

However, I don't regret it at all because lounging about with Rebecca and Milo amounted to some of the best moments of my trip so far. (Rebecca's a friend & ex-colleague and Milo's her nephew). Rebecca was busy working much of the time, but when she was free it was like a family holiday without the sulks or stroppy bits. We went to the mall at 90210; took in the movies; had take-out Italian & I embarrased myself with complete & utter chopstick incompitence at a sushi resturant.

On nights at home we watched upcoming TV shows: Milo  & I got addicted to 'Motel Man' in which all objects from a motel room (circa 1960) have special powers, such as a comb that stops time and a bus ticket that teleports people to an empty road.

 It sounds kind of goofy, but it's strangely addictive & we got properly caught up, spending the next couple of days pondering which objects would be coolest to possess.

With all the delicious food and sofa-time I was in rapid danger of becoming a blimp, so I took a stroll on Rebecca's road which overlooks Beverly Hills to the mountains. From there I saw LARGE gateways, LARGE cars & LARGE santa decorations. The weather was as perfect as you'd imagine LA to be; bright & warm with a cool breeze.  The road turns into wild scrub in some parts & I even saw a deer leaping about. Tried to stalk it like DeNiro, but only for a photo.  It was strange not to see any other people about at all (apart from a Hispanic man painting a fence) Confirming the non-myth that people in LA simply do not walk.

Getty Superstar

Amidst the inactivity we did manage to shift ass to get to the Getty. The museum is an archectural beauty that sits serenly on a hilltop whilst LA spawls out beneath it. (as Eric says, you get to see a scary amount of smog). We went directly to the photographic exhibitions where the photos ranged from 'Stunning' to 'Challenging', and wandered about for as long as it took for Cultural Appreciation to become Cultural Endurance, then had lunch whilst delibrating the possible merits of artistic deprevation.

We couldn't choose whether to spend my last day at Universal Studios or simply driving around LA. We went for the latter based on it requiring least organisation.

The drive tour was fabulous: we kicked of with a 10-ton pitta sandwich from Petes, then drove down Mulholland Drive with me oo-ing and ahh-ing out of the window. 

At lunch time we wandered around Santa Monica beach where I enjoyed a cookie dough gelato, in the sprit of embracing American Life. Whilst pottering on the promenade we got way-layed by a store entirely dedicated to comfort; from fleece underwear to full body massage contraptions. The staff actually encourage you to go around stroking the goods & testing the equipment. Being English I found this all Very Embarassing and kept urging Milo to move on, but he was already pre-occupied; wobbling away like a loon in a vibrating padded chair, so I went & hid in a corner with a fluffy teddy bear.

When we did finally get back on the road, there was about 2 hours to get home & pack before my airport pickup. The plan was cruelly thwarted by LA rush hour & we ended up arriving home 10 mins after my pick up was due. Thankfully a healthy dose of  LLCool-J's 'ah! Vanilla Ice Cream' kept us laughing through the blind panic & I just scraped into the airport on time, still smiling.  

It's really not possible to express just how enjoyable this week was, but I really felt like I was family among friends. Thanks Guys XX

Wandering...? Part 2

Wandering ....What/Where: Saw the LA side of TV land. It looks more appealing than the UK division; perhaps it’s just the sun going to my head?

Wandering Who  Still nothing to report, other than a realisation of that sense of humour is possibly the best trait a person can have.

So far So Sober

Remained booze-free for all of this trip, hardest part was turing down the inviting New Zealand wine served on the plane to LA, but in truth was not a struggle at all after that. Diet cokes all the way! - wil be ironic if I get aspartame poisoning after all this sacrifice....                      

Eric says:
Cool, glad you liked it! The Getty is awesome, can get a great view of all the LA smog ;). I'm living/working in LA right now.
Posted on: Dec 14, 2006
Natasha says:
Hi Eric, I loved LA - still got to write up the blog. I was staying with a guy called Milo who's a Rapper and he made me laugh so much the whole time, The weather was delicious - Think my best biit as the Getty, but i really didn't get to see even a hundredth of what's on offer. Where are you at the moment?
Posted on: Dec 13, 2006
Eric says:
Sooo, what did you think of LA? Weather has been kind of cold recently, but it's probably still warmer than London ;)
Posted on: Dec 04, 2006
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Getty Superstar
Getty Superstar
aww shit, America made me stupid &…
aww shit, America made me stupid …