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This part of my trip is much more holiday than intrepid backpacking. The plan is to meet up with 4 of my closest London friends Anna, Bini, Tom & Jonny*, And basically stay and play in NZ with Anna's family.


*Cat & Tristan complete the gang, but can't be with us & will be Much Missed.


Bini on the Back


Whilst Anna & her folks were busy preparing for Jenna's (Anna's sister) birthday party, which was promising to be huge, Tom, Jonny, Bini & I took a ferry ride over from Auckland to Waitike Island. This was our introduction to New Zealand & first thing we did was slap on loads of factor 30 sunscreen whilst shivering our asses off on the ferry.

Sounds nutty, but Anna had nagged us fiercely about the lack of ozone regularly turning visiting Brits bacon-rasher red.


We were only on the island for a couple of hours, so did what we could, which turned out to be scootering around the islands like a bunch of delinquent 16 year olds. I had motorbike rather than a ‘ped, so I could take Bini on the back, as she’s not very familiar with the concept of balance and wobbled perilously on her own. I’d not taken a pillion passenger before so was quite worried we might both get some serious road rash but thankfully we stayed upright all the way.


The island was beautiful & bountiful, If we'd have stayed longer we would have discovered loads of furtile vineyards with spectacular views and charming natural harbours.

Ale no.6
As it was we only really got time to pop into the main town & admire a very pretty beach. Not much more to report from WI. We returned the bikes & headed back to the mainland.


Actually, there was one thing. The most bizarre thing happened at the bike hire place. We were just handing over the bikes when the guy receiving them spotted Bini & spontaneously broke into an Indian piss-take, hamming up the accent & saying ‘oh thanking you very much, yes, yes’ & wobbling his head. We were all a little taken aback, but it seemed like he truly didn’t realise what he was doing, so we could only laugh along in an ‘at him’ not ‘with him’ fashion.

Jenna & Shaun


Jenna and Shaun are Loves Young Dream. Jenna’s a media student & pro-golfer and Shaun’s a dairy farmer with a passion for motorbikes.


Their sweetest moment was at Jenna’s party, which was a huge bash with endless food & drink, family & friends. Halfway through the night (before the booze sabbotaged people's capability for speech) Jenna’s closest family & friends all took the mike & made moving testaments to her outgoing personality. Last person to say his bit was Shaun, who charmed the socks off everyone by just saying ‘um, yeah, love you babe’. He looked like he wanted to be a million miles away, but at the same time you could tell he really meant it. Aaaawww.

coatsworth says:
email is jamesislate@hotmail.com
Posted on: Jan 13, 2007
coatsworth says:
Hey Tash,
Just a quick note to say that it was really wonderful meeting you. Hope to see you in the near future. Take care of yourself and safe travels. James xo
Posted on: Jan 13, 2007
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Ale no.6
Ale no.6
Ale no. 8
Ale no. 8
Waiheke Island
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