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I'll miss Leckhampton Hill, probably the best spot in the whole world...

Letter from 'Departures'

I'm sat here at a sort of internet slot machine at Heathrow Terminal Three, having just sobbed my goodbyes to Ma & Pa. I'm consoling myself with a bar of Galaxy chocolate & mini bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, wondering what I'm gong to do without my beloved friends (and my beloved Sav-blanc!) for the next 7 weeks.

I suppose a good way to begin this blog is to tell you what’s been going through my mind as I've prepared to leave everything that's familiar. Over the last few days I've been considering: a) What I’m going to miss and: b) What I’m looking forward to.

In the 'miss' category, it's far and away contact with friends, family and loved ones that'll surely be toughest.

I'll be lost without my best friend; Comtese Catherine
Additionally I know I’ll really miss my freedom. I suppose that sounds odd considering how traveling seems to be all about freedom, but for the volunteering experience at least I'll be at other people's mercy: Gone is my car, my motorbike, my own room, my choice of evening in or evening out, cinema or DVD, pizza or pasta.

... How, what & when I do will be considerably more limited than anything I've been used to before.

With regards to the 'looking forward' bit, I'm most excited by the idea of Absolute Change: If I could have any wish come true it would be that Hogwarts were real, or Teleporters and Delorian time machines.... But as they're (almost) certainly not, then going around the world has to be the closest thing. I'm also genuinely excited about spending time with the kids in the Rajasthan desert, although I'm pretty nervous about the teaching part as it's not something I’ve not before.

I'll be missing..My first bike.
On a more holistic note I’m keen to experience a slower & less demanding pace of life, although there’s the risk that too much 'me time' could have disastrous consequences on my sanity.

Nearly time to go to the departure lounge!! My internet access & sauvignon blanc have both nearly expired. A big Thank You to friends who came to my 30th & to those who couldn't make it, please stay in touch over the coming weeks and whatever happens in your lives in the duration, I hope it's only ever fabulous!!

Love - Tasha. xx

The Purpose of Wandering….

As well as seeing the world for the sake of it, a large part of why I’m undertaking this trip is to get a few things clear in my head.

Missing... Mum and all my Family...
Namely: What I want to do in life, Where I want to be and Who I want to be with.  Over the coming year I'll occasionally re-visit these themes and share my progress with you. (note: I'm cringingly aware that listening to a someone soul-searching can be akin to having nails driven in one's ears, so I promise to keep it as short & sweet as possible!)

To kick things off, here's where I am in regards of 'WHO'.

Picture a scene in the local music store: Everyone's gathered around the Top 40 Singles Chart & they're all busily choosing their favorite singles.

I'm kind of hovering around at the back, not too fussed, wondering if I'd rather be at Starbucks instead. Gradually the crowd thins, a few laggers stand about visibly comparing the merits of one CD against another.


I feel a tingle of exclusion, maybe I should take a look too? What did I come in for?... what do I want?.. Do I like Rock?... Yes sometimes. Rap? Yes sometimes... Pop?; definitely but not always. Agonize, agonize. I look up & there's no one left but me. A lady at the counter makes a 'hurry along now' sounding cough. I look to the door; where my friends are stood waving back at me, clutching their prized singles to their chests and mouthing 'c'mon let's go!!!'

Okay, a tingle of mild panic plays about my toes, I must focus. How about this one? hmm, attractive sleeve but then maybe this other one has more substance... But then again if it takes itself too seriously I'm bound to go off it in time?.

Time to close Sweetie, says the counter lady.

Okay, sorry.....may I take this one please? I say waving an empty CD case.

let me check.
....Cuz Lorimer (and Sooty)
...taptaptap... Sorry love, sold out.

Oh, well what about this one?

taptaptap... all gone I'm afraid.

This one?!

Sad shake of her head. I look back at the door for support, but my friends have skipped off into a sunset made for two. I return to the lady at the desk;

Are there any left? I ask, Any at all?

She looks back at her screen.

.. We did overstock  'Sad Loser Boy', I could probably find a copy for you?

Um, No Thanks... It's just I ... I was hoping..

She looks sympathetic. Hey don't worry honey. How about you come back in a few days? we might get a return. That sometimes happens you know, people get their singles home & after a few plays they realize it's not quite what they wanted & bring them back. And some are really OK; not too damaged you know, not too badly worn out. Thanks.

The lights begin to flicker off & the security guard is beckoning me to the doorway, where the chain mail grill is already half lowered..

So I leave quietly, muttering to myself.. But I just wanted mine to be perfect...

mfmcp1982 says:
what a great blog intro...
Posted on: Apr 02, 2008
glennisnz says:
A thoroughly enjoyable start to your travel blogg. What a wonderful analogy you have there with the CD's, sadly this does happen, but sometimes something better is waiting round the corner; like DVD's! Hoping you find as near to perfect as pos, the perfect man does not exist. But then we also have the odd minor fault sometimes!
Good luck.
Posted on: Jan 25, 2008
vodkaphix says:
Well done!! I checked out of the U.K. in May 2005... its now November 2007. I am just about to embark on Central Europe, Bratislava, Slovakia for the 2nd time. The difference between me and those who do go on a RTW is that i am in no Rush back to the HUMDRUM of modern life! in fact i will not be going back to U.K. YIPPEEE!!
Posted on: Oct 29, 2007
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Ill miss Leckhampton Hill, probab…
I'll miss Leckhampton Hill, proba…
Ill be lost without my best frien…
I'll be lost without my best frie…
Ill be missing..My first bike.
I'll be missing..My first bike.
Missing... Mum and all my Family...
Missing... Mum and all my Family...
....Cuz Lorimer (and Sooty)
....Cuz Lorimer (and Sooty)
....Lee too.
....Lee too.
photo by: ulysses