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My favorite picture I captured of Paris

Day four of the Europe trip

Me, Kelly and her dad take the Eurotrain into Paris and arrive around 11 a.m. Get their and its MAD crazy busy on the streets. I managed to be really disappointed in Paris because for some reason it reminds me of San Francisco, and I realized that I dont want to travel half way around the world just to see something like San Francisco.

Anyway we ended up catching the bus where everyone decided to stare at us, which is always fun, because we clearly look like we are not from there. We took the bus to the Musee du Louvre to see the Mona Lisa and found out that the place is that was a bummer but I managed to take some kick ass pictures in the area because it was the first place where I saw really cool architecture. We then walked over to the Cathedral of Notre Damn. The architecture was amazing but it was quite annoying to see that all the amazing buildings I was attempting to photograph was undergoing some sort of construction. So after some sight seeing and a smalla mount of shopping, we decide to go eat at this little French cafe/restaraunt which was cool and I thought our waiter was really nice, especially since I was asking dumb questions about espresso and american coffee..haha The food was REALLY good though..probably one of the best things about Paris!

So we went walking down the streets afterwards and did a bit of shopping till we headed off to go see the eiffle tower. It was really hot so we were dying because when you come from London you are already wearing a ton layers of clothes because its really cold out there..On top of that I have my camera in my backpack so I am also lugging that around plus two jackets, a thermal and two shirts on..

We finally make our way to the Eiffle tower and..well thats all it was..noting ROMATIC about it..just a big tall tower standing in the midst of all people trying to pawn (sell) cheap trinkets that could break at the drop of it..and a bunch of tourists. So we decided to skip waiting in line to go up it and just eat ice cream on the grass next to it and just soak the picture up in our head since we all pretty much new we had enough of Paris and probably wouldnt be back..anytime in the near future.

Anyway we wanted to go see a few other things but decided that it really wasnt worth all the trouble so we decided to just head back to the train station and went back to London.  

This was written on May 6, 2003. I have since changed my mind about returning to Paris and will make another attempt to travel there in hopes of a more positive experience.

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My favorite picture I captured of …
My favorite picture I captured of…
photo by: Sweetski