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Me decapitating my bestfriend Kelly

Took the train out to Edinburgh which was about a 4-5 hour train ride. This time me nor Kelly minded the train ride and met some interesting people. On the way up their we met this older man with his grandson who was just the cutest kid ever. The view from the train ride was amazing and had me dreaming of living in the U.K.

Once we finally arrived in Edinburgh we ate at this little resturant. They had the strangest pizza I have ever possibly have tasted, but it was actually quite good!! Kelly's food, on the other hand, looked a bit strange.

First, we took the little tour bus around and did the whole "tourist" thing around the city. Then we split up and did our own thing.

We had seen this thing called "the dungeon of Edinburgh" and of course we were like, lets do this!! Because it had a description explaining the torture devices they used on the prisoners of the dungeon and we were instantly captivated! Right up our ally, haha. 

We finally find the place and go in. Right away they took a picture of us to see after we were done. So we found our way to where everyone was and waited before we could enter. At first we thought it was going to be really lame because we knew it wasnt goin to be scary..

So as the group gathered someone appeared and it was this lady who appeared to be a dead judge from back in the 1800's..she put us all on trial and some of us had to go up to the little box to be accused and tried. She told some funny stories of those that she made participate and sentanced us all.
a shot of the view from the Edinburgh castle

Next room was the room of torture devises..it was some sick shit..most of the tools were weapons to distroy your genitals. I must say I was quite disgusted..along the way to the next part and on to the next room they told a story about two men who were well known for body snatching..and not just body snatching but they use to kill people just so they could donate peoples bodies to morticians that would do research on the human body. I found this to be pretty intriguing.

So we enter into the next room and a guy appears and seats us all in the next room where he pulls out a "dead body" and picks his volunteer from the crowd having the man reach inside the dead body to pull out human organs..haha it was quite entertaining I must say in the least...

Shortly after that we saw cannibles, and went witch hunting on a boat.
.this is where me and Kelly proceeded to scare people..hahaha. Since it happend to be pitch black dark on the little boat we were on during our time witch hunting..we scared the family in front of us..I grabbed the lady from the side as if someone was reaching into the boat and Kelly snarled behind the little boy and I breathed heavily down the ladies neck on the side of her..they were both terrified..so it seemed..and afterwards me and Kelly just cracked up laughing.. I dont think they realized it was us, but even if they did, it was a good laugh!!

As soon as we got off our little witch hunting boat ride we were greeted by this overly excited guy in pajama's and a stocking hat..hahaha me and Kelly couldnt help but think he was funny but yet cute at the same time..haha

After he told his tale and the house was "set on fire" we had to escape and found ourselves in the gift shop buying souvineers because we did have a good time and realized that if we ever lived in Edinburgh, that place would defanitly be the place where we would work at.
Side view of the Edinburgh Castle

We left and headed out to the Edinburgh castle quickly because we were pressured for time before we had to catch our train back to London..so we took that tour bus back up by the Castle and hiked up a hill to the enterance.

Once on top of the hill, the view was amazing. We only had a quick moment to take the view in..and then quickly ran into the castle. We had one of the guys who was taking the tickets take a picture of us in front of the Castle. Its not everyday that we get to see castles!!!

So we ran inside the castle and once we climbed to the top..the view was even more amazing then the previous one. I stood their for at least a good 20 mins just staring out over the castle walls looking at Scotland. It was just so amazing!! We ran around and looked inside the different areas of the castle then left to catch the bus back down to the train station.

We were so short for time that we ended up getting off at an earlier stop because the guy was going SO SLOW that we just were so impatient so we got off the bus and ran a few blocks..and finally arrived at the train station to meet her dad who wasnt all that happy with us haha..but we didnt miss our train surprisingly since me and Kelly are ALWAYS late..in everything we do hahaha!!

We really wanted to stay longer but just didnt get the chance to..
But earlier that day we did end up meeting this really cool guy and he invited us to the pubs and told us to changed our train tickets for the morning after, which we would have loved to do and probably would have but I dont think her dad would have been for that, unfortunatly.

On the train ride back we ended up meeting a ton of people and had our own little mini party on the train. We all drank beers and shared stories about our lives and travels and what it was like living in America. 

This one guy we met named  Jaimie was asking us about America and how the schools were and the girls and stuff..so we shared with him our thoughts on it..and we found out he was a "squater" which is basically a guy in the military out their..he tells us all these stories and then proceeds to lecture me on saying "TOILET" instead of "BATHROOM" apparelty they dont call their bathroom's bathrooms, they say TOILETS..and bathrooms are where u go to take a bath in..makes sense I guess?

So after like an hour we are all pretty much buzzed, and he was drunk..so he decides to steal a ball off the seat (it loks like a ball from a frame of a bed) and gives it to me..lol like I could do something special with it..hahaha I didnt want it but ended up taking it anyway as a "souvineer" from him..haha He then gave us his number so we could hang out the next day (which didnt happen, oh well)..we said our goodbies once the train arrived back into London.

I absolutly loved Scotland and what I saw of it and would love to go back there and spend more than just a day visit.

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Me decapitating my bestfriend Kelly
Me decapitating my bestfriend Kelly
a shot of the view from the Edinbu…
a shot of the view from the Edinb…
Side view of the Edinburgh Castle
Side view of the Edinburgh Castle
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