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My puppy givin me some love before we left

My mom was going to drive down to Portland later in the day to pick up my aunt who was visiting for the long weekend.   I know what some people are thinkig right now long weekend it's Patriots day and its a holiday in some of the New England states.  Anyway I had the day off thanks to a root canal I had to have done so I decided not to waste the rest of the day and go with her.  Instead of driving out to Augusta and getting on the highway we decided to take US Route 1 most of the way down in the summer time we avoid this route but being its only spring the tourists are not up here yet so it wasnt going to be congested.  We first stopped in Brunswick at the Androscoggin Pedestrian Swinging Bridge when we noticed the rapids driving alogside the road.

The waterfall in my backyard
  They are not kidding the bridge does swing we noticed the cables before we got onto the bridge moving slightly and when we stepped onto the bridge we could feel it.  The river below was amazing demonstrating an awesome power as it flowed twords the Hydro Plant.  You would not want to fall in due to the recent melting of snow there was alot of water and it was moving very fast.  We spent some time on the bridge and took some pictures and then crossed to the other side to get more and then decided to get moving again.  Back on the road I remebered in Yarmouth the DeLorme map store wich is home to Eartha the worlds largest rotating globe no kidding!  California id like 3 1/2 feet tall on this thing one ince eaqulla something like 16 miles.  Pictures need to be taken! The store was unfortunatley closed by the time we got there luckily it is on display and visible from the outside thanks to alot of glass.  I got out and got sme more picutres and we were back on the road By this time it was getting late and my aunts bus was about to arrive so we just headed for the rail station in Portland.  When we got out there was an awesome full moon so I snapped some more pics of the moon and we headed back home

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My puppy givin me some love before…
My puppy givin me some love befor…
The waterfall in my backyard
The waterfall in my backyard
Stockton Springs
photo by: X_Drive