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The hostel's resident puppy, Lisa

The next few days were spent relaxing and enjoying the sights. Pingyao is a great place to chill out and just enjoy being in China. You can buy a ticket which costs 120RMB  and gives you entrance to any of the main sights in Pingyao. It is valid for two days and is worth doing if you’re spending the night there (which you should definitely do!)

Besides wandering around and seeing the sights here’s some of the things we did:

- Bought our train tickets to Beijing with my limited Chinese language skills - but we had to stay another night in Pingyao as there were no train availability on the 17th, our preferred date of departure.

- Ate at some great restaurants trying some local specialties including an amazing chicken and garlic dish with some more delicious egg fried rice on the second night.

The hostel's resident puppy, Lisa
The restaurant was called ‘Fair Price restaurant’, and the host was very friendly. Fab chose it as the host was the only restaurant owner who’d not shouted for us to come in as we searched for a restaurant the previous night, and had just smiled instead. It’s the little things that count.

- Saw the first real rain downpour, which made the tourists temporarily disappear and the dust covered roofs reveal their beautiful coloured tiles.

- Ate lots of little pastry cake things (as above).

- Bought a few souvenirs and discovered how expensive the gifts are there and unwilling to negotiate the vendors are. Don’t wait to buy souvenirs in Pingyao unless you’re willing to haggle hard and/or pay more than the worth of the item.

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The hostels resident puppy, Lisa
The hostel's resident puppy, Lisa
The hostels resident puppy, Lisa
The hostel's resident puppy, Lisa
photo by: halilee