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Today was our checkout day and the day we were taking the train to Beijing in the evening. We woke up late and checked out, leaving our luggage at reception. We headed to the bar and played some pool and table football and used the internet. The manager came by and asked us when our tran was. Upon telling him it was at 8pm, he said, “don’t worry about checking out yet, you can keep the room ’til later”. Annoyed, we told him we’d already checked out, but thanked him for his offer. A moment or so later he came back and told us we could use a different room to rest/shower in if we wished, to which we accepted, gratefully.

We put our luggage in the room and went out in search of a cup of coffee, which I’d been craving. We found a restaurant and sat down - the prices were ridiculously expensive, even by English standards - 35RMB for a coffee (£3.

50) but it gave us something to do and coffee everywhere else was around the same price. After drinking a shot-sized coffee and eating every sugar cube they provided (we needed to get our money’s worth!) we headed back to the hostel through the pouring rain and high humidity.

We played with the puppy, called Lisa or Lisha (not sure which), and had a meal at the hostel - chicken curry for Fab and beef curry for me. It was so basic, so cheap, so tasty and so filling - perfect.

After lazing around for a bit we packed our bags and waited in the lounge to leave. The manager had told us that he’d organised transport back to the station for us and gave us a couple of bottles of water for free while we waited, which was so  kind of him.

Moments later we said our goodbyes and headed out to our chauffered golf cart to take us back to the station. We arrived and waited around an hour for the train. The train pulled in and we found our way onto the platform. We had been put in separate ‘berths’ of the train, but someone was happy to swap with us. We tucked in for the night, and had an uneventful ride to Beijing.

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photo by: halilee