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Being in Nha Trang we decided to take advantage of the beach and exceptional weather, so after a long lie in we got up and got dressed. I advised Lexi to apply more tanning lotion and drink more water but she said “it’s okay, I’ve put lotion on the bits that burn” . She would regret not taking my advice later. I however was fully lotioned and hydrated.

  We headed down the long 3 minute walk to the clean blissful and virtually empty beach. There were however a few obstacles on the way, a lot of offers to go on the “Easy Rider” tour, which in all fairness sounds great but we are not interested in buying tours.

After convincing several motorcyclists that we were not buying we got to the beach and rented two sunbeds, most likely at a price too high but even a high price in Vietnam is a cheap price.

A few roasted hours later and a bit more of my nagging at Lexi to drink more and use sun tan lotion we decided we were well cooked and decided to go to the train station. We were hoping to purchase our train tickets to our next stop Hue, which is a quiet small place with not much to do but some nice things to see. The walk there was firectly facing the sun and it was hot. Lexi had changed into some different clothes more suited to the heat and still did not apply more tanning lotion (A theme).

We purchased our tickets, luckily the ticket lady spoke and read good English.

Hint: When booking tickets, writing down your destination, coach type (soft sleeper, hard sleeper, soft seat or hard seat), and berth level (top, middle or bottom in hard sleeper, or top or bottom in soft sleeper) after is helpful, as many people can read English better than understand it when you speak, particularly if you have a regional accent.

We then walked back to the hotel to relax until dinner. We looked up restaurants online to find a good one and came across one called Thanh Thanh cafe which seemed decent. We went there and lured by some familiar food I got a Stagioni pizza and Lexi got a Carbonara.  If Lexi had chosen to eat Lobster she would bve a cannibal because the sunburn had set in and she was red. Lexi almost passed out while at dinner also due to the fact she had not drunk much if any water. Call this a double “I told you so” from me. The dinner was good though and after we were pretty tired and headed back to rest for tomorrow.

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Some of the delicious cakes on off…
Some of the delicious cakes on of…
I applied sunscreen - in places. O…
I applied sunscreen - in places. …
Nha Trang
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