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After a long lie in we got up and discussed the days itinerary. Though Nanning is big in the sense of money and shops it seems small in terms of exploration. We had been given a map from reception which had little detail or depth to show what was around but it did show the train station so that was priority number one. Without any other real direction we set off for our tickets to Guilin, the station was only about 10 minutes away along a straight road so it was easy to get to.
Once we got to the station we wondered around a bit and found the ticket office which consisted of hundreds of people and about eleven ticket windows. We looked for dissimilarities between the windows wondering if certain windows were meant for certain trips but at the end of the day it made little difference so we picked lucky number seven.
We queued up wondering if the ticket lady would speak English but just in case she did not we had a piece of paper with the destination and time on it written by reception at the hostel. Fortunately the ticket lady spoke some English but very little. Unfortunately Lexi had left the money in the room, so rather embarrasingly we had to go out and find a nearby ATM to get the cash and return. We considered it a practice run and at least we knew that we would not have trouble getting the tickets. After that escapade we were feeling a little hungry, there was a restaurant with an English language menu listed on our map so that is where we headed.
We arrived at the restaurant which was near opposite our hostel but were not sure if it was open, the chefs (who were all male) were playing cards on one of the tables and the waitresses were gabbing away near the corner, eventually one ushered is in which signalled they were open.
We sat down and looked at the menu, I ordered roast duck which was the speciality and Lexi ordered stir fried beef in tomato juice. The chefs were still playing cards. Our food was there not long after, Lexi’s came first, her food was really good, like a soup with tender beef in it. My duck was interesting, though delicious. It was very fatty and in China, as I learnt, they leave all the bones in the duck (and I even had the chance to eat its head - beak and all). Now you are supposed to chew the small bones and spit the big ones out, deciphering between big and small was no fun task, crunch until it will not be crunched. All in all it was a good meal, and paying 25 RMB for half a duck is crazy cheap, about £2.25 or $4.
We headed back to the hostel for some rest, Lexi repacked her bag while I watched NBA on the 40″ TV in the lounge.
One of China's most delicious sweet offerings!
We pretty much relaxed for a good part of the day, as there’s not that much to see in Nanning. The lounge was incedible with a Wii, Guitar, books, games and all sorts, Lexi eventually came down to use the PC’s to research hostels and finally book one. After relaxing we headed out to get some supplies for the journey, water mostly but having lost two loofahs we bought another, Lexi also got some cakes and lollies.
  Once we dropped that stuff at home we headed out for dinner. We went to a place called Quick and Pretty Food, which seemed like a cross between McDonalds and a restaurant, the food was quick but ordering it was weird. Much to the entire staffs amusement was the idea of someone serving us as they had no idea how to speak English, after much laughing and snickering the manager came out and Lexi pointed to some food, I do not really know what or how it happened but food ended up in front of us and we paid. When we sat down we found out I had pork and she had beef, both with rice and bok choi. Mine was amazing despite bones but Lexi’s was not too tastey, we finished quickly and headed home.

We finished packing our bags and just hit the sack as the train journey the next day was relatively long.

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One of Chinas most delicious swee…
One of China's most delicious swe…
photo by: davidfeng