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We landed in Mexico City after a short flight and waited in line at immigration. After some confusion about which forms we should have filled in we reached the front of the line and had our passports stamped and given entrance into Mexico.

When we went to Canada we had to surrender the green forms we were given on entry to the USA so they could inform immigration that we've left the country, but here in Mexico they didn't want them. On the back of the form it says we should surrender them or we could face difficulties entering the USA in future.

We picked up our luggage and found a seat in the airport to see if the hostel had replied to our email asking for a taxi pickup. They hadn't so I gave them a call and organised for the taxi to come to collect us. We waited for 30 minutes, having a doughnut and a Burger King to fill the space the American Airlines flight had left from their terrible sans food service.

The taxi driver arrived and told me that I'd told him the wrong terminal and we were actually waiting at T1 not T2 like I'd said. I apologised and off we went to the hostel. When we were landing over Mexico City, the entire area looked remarkable; a huge city surrounded by a dominating mountain backdrop, but as we drove through the area from the airport towards the Zocalo area we were staying in, my heart dropped to see broken down parks, grafitti and filthy streets.

As we continued driving, things improved and cobbled streets and beautiful buildings appeared. We pulled up outside and hopped out of the taxi. We checked in and the lady explained (in Spanish) about meal times, as we had free breakfast and dinner included, and then told us about the free tours (in English this time because she was talking so fast I couldn't understand!) that we were welcome to join the following two mornings.

We went up to our room and settled in. After a while it started to rain, and then thunder and then absolutely incredible lightning. I have never seen anything like it before. It was relentless. We went out to buy some drinks at a supermarket and it was bizarre how much lightning there was. It was all around us, no more than a 1km radius around the main square we were walking through and was striking every 30 seconds or so for around 2 hours. It was scary and loud and bright but there was not that much rain and the cool evening was quite refreshing compared to the intense heat we had experienced in the Caribbean.

We grabbed a drink from Burger King as we couldn't find the supermarket we'd been pointed to and headed back to the hostel for dinner. It was not bad and consisted of a rice dish, a pasta soup, macaroni and cheese and some potato salad, which was filling and satisfying. We headed back to our room and chilled out for the rest of the evening before getting an early night to bed ready for a busy day the next day. 
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