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After waking up to the bright sunlight, I dragged myself out of bed, feeling rotten, with a runny nose and sneezing; Spitty McSpittyson from the train has probably spread his germs to me. (Don’t worry - it’s not H1N1 - I don’t have a fever or any other symptoms - I’m just snotty and sniffly!)

I then woke up Fab and dragged him out of bed so we could take advantage of our free breakfast of omelette, baguette with butter and jam, fresh fruit and hot tea. We enjoyed our breakfast then headed out for the day to the famous citadel.

It was a very hot day, so we took it easy, and wandered over to the citadel, which all the cyclo touts told us was 4km away, and was actually around 1km away. We paid our entry fee (around £2 each) and went in.

There was a huge pond full of koi, which we could feed for around £0.07. We grabbed a bag of feed and koi mayhem ensued. They were fighting for the food like pirhanas!

We wandered over to the next section and Fab spotted an elephant! Quite unexpected. The Citadel was largely destroyed in various conflicts throughout Hue’s history, and many areas of the buildings have been restored. The citadel served as Vietnam’s capital city until 1945. There is a strong Chinese influence in the buildings and it is an extremely peaceful place to spend a day, away from the cyclo drivers, motorcycle touts and the busy traffic.

After wandering around the Citadel for a few hours, the sky darkened and the rumble of thunder appeared again. We decided this was a good time to start heading back.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped off at the restaurant we had eaten at the previous day. Just as we sat down, the sky opened and it started pouring with rain. It was still raining after our lunch/dinner but it certainly made the weather more bearable; much less oppressive and a bit fresher.

We headed back to the hotel for a shower and to relax before thinking about our plans for the next few days and getting packed for checking out the next day. Later in the evening we popped out to grab some snacks, and found a little store selling Oreos, Pringles, gorgeous soft bread with sultanas, and some milk (Fab likes milk) called Vinamilk was very sweet and vanilla flavoured.

We organised with the hotel to catch the night bus from Hue to Hanoi the next evening, as it only cost $14 US (£9) each instead of the train which they wanted to charge us $41 US for (£26). (They must have put a HUGE commission on that, as the price I’d seen on the amazing is only $28 for the same journey, so even allowing for currency fluctuations, that was seriously overpriced.)

Anyhoo, we decided that it was worth trying out the bus, as we’d already travelled by train, and for the price and the fact that the journey time was the same, we couldn’t really complain. We went to bed shortly after and slept soundly.

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photo by: Paulovic