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After having a long lie in (well deserved after a couple of long days) we dragged ourselves out of bed and began our day of getting organised ready for departure.

We asked the hostel receptionist about where to leave the keys, and found the bus stop for the A11 airport bus transfer, which would get us to the airport with about 2 hours 20 minutes to spare before check in.

We had seen most of the main sights within a reasonable travelling distance so decided it would be nice to visit one of the infamous market areas in Mong Kok. The goldfish market was the draw for me in particular.

We hopped onto the MTR (mass transit railway - Hong Kong’s version of the Underground/subway) to the Mong Kok station. We knew our Octopus cards were running low on credit but as we swiped through we realised that Fab only had $0.06 left and we’d have to add more cash to the cards, which was a shame. Fortunately any unused credit is refundable upon return.

Anyway, we departed the MTR and headed out onto the street with our trusty (although a bit dog-eared) map trying to find our way to a park so we could relax in the sunshine.

As we stood at the crossing pondering our direction, a helpful man asked if we needed help. We declined as we’d just found our way, but were very pleased about how nice his offer was. Our last experience travelling in Asia had left us somewhat suspicous of helpful people (who would consistently state their fee shortly after doing a ‘favour’ for us).

We headed towards the park we’d found on the map, only to discover it wasn’t a park, but a school sports ground. We continued to walk in the same direction towards the goldfish market.

As we strolled down the street, the sun came out and was blazing down upon us. Hong Kong seems to be constantly cloudy/foggy/overcast so when the sun comes out, it is a nice relief from the humid heat - instead it’s just raw hotness! I much prefer this kind of heat.

We wandered through the flower market on Flower Market Street and came across some gorgeous smelling lilies, stunning roses, and bargain orchids - only $10HK for a plant!

We turned the corner to discover a street lined with shops with bags of goldfish hanging outside! There were all kinds of fish - from eels to shark fish to goldfish, then tanks of terrapins and turtles!

Quite a stunning sight! Not only this, but cages of puppies and bunny rabbits, chinchillas, gerbils and guinea pigs (Fab likes guinea pigs; I don’t. When we get to Peru we can find out if he also likes the taste of cuy - the roasted version!)

We headed off to another park, Kings Park Sports ground, to take a break and relax. We grabbed a couple of bottles of iced tea and worked our way up the millions of stairs to the park.

We grabbed a seat giving Fab a good view of the basketball courts and we took advantage of the free wifi to write up our blogs for the previous couple of days (and yes, my entry was tardy but my excuse is that we had been so busy having a great time that we didn’t have time to write anything up!)

We then decided to head back home via the famous jade market and night market. We walked past lots of street stalls which were setting up for the evening, and it seemed they do a good deal of trade in sex toys. Every other stall was full of them!

The jade market, as you would expect, was filled with jade. We had a quick wander around then left as we weren’t planning on buying any.

We found our way to the market place and it was crammed with vendors selling their wares - fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices, underwear, clothing, all sorts! We stopped and bought a bunch of lychees (around 1kg cost $23 - £2.10!) and a bag of goji berries ($5 £0.40). We love a bargain!

We wandered home via a bakery and 7Eleven store for some snacks and drinks for dinner, then packed our bags ready for our 4am start the next day.

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