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Note: This is not as late post, Lexi was too lazy to do hers until today and we’re alternating our blogs. I am punctual.

So today (Now yesterday) we went to The Peak, which is the highest peak in Hong Kong. In order to do this we got the train to Central then walked to the tram station. At the tram station which was quite small but very modern, we got onboard the incredibly steep cart, the tram on the ascent would reach 28 degree angles on parts of the journey.

It was difficult to take a video or picture to demonstrate such an incline.

Around 10 minutes later we reached the top which was followed by another 5-10 minutes of riding escalators to the top of the building. During this time we learnt that Lexi has a fear of heights, I acted like a catalyst to this opportunity by pretending to fall over every large edge possible.

Finally we got to the rooftop of the building. The view was astonishing. From the water carved valleys downwards to the Hong Kong harbour stretching across to the skyscraper filled city on the other side. A beautiful sunny day to show the city’s beauty in all its clarity. Many pictures and videos were taken.

After scaring Lexi a few more times we headed back down to have a look at the tourist shops where we had no intention of buying anything. Unfortunately, the Peak Tram and it's surroundings are very tourist orientated. You will find many Starbucks, McDonalds and other western stores at disappointingly British prices. Following our stomachs advice we sought after less expensive food in a poorer region of town. Onwards to Lantau Island!

Lantau Island is home the largest outdoor sitting Buddha in the world. Another acrophobia challenging venture along the famous Ngong Ping Skylift. To be honest the big Buddha is amazing but I personally found the skylift ride to the place much more exciting. Lexi and I secured the ride towards there in a cart by ourselves. As I found out running in circles trying to film a 360 rotation of the view it makes the cart jounce from side to side. More bouts of acrophobia ensue.

After arriving we made our way through the blistering heat towards the Buddha. As described, it was huge, so were the hundred steps to get to it. Underneath the Buddha was a nice little souvenir shop and all around large carvings of other Buddhas around big Buddha, and surrounding them another astonishing view of the landscape. Having only a small development of a city meant there was a lot more mountains and greenery to be seen. More photos and videos.

After seeing enough of the Buddha, we headed onwards to the Po Lin Monastery. This gorgeous Buddhist Monastery is home to three bronze Buddhas representing the past, present and future and was full of beautiful carvings and adornments. As we took a rest in the main courtyard, we noticed a woman who was very scantilly clad; sparking a debate about appropriate clothing in foreign countries. Needless to say, we both agreed that there was a time and a place for midriff exposing t-shirts and mini skirts and that a monastery wasn't one of them.

We made our way back home, using the skylift again (sharing with two others) and back onto the train exhausted from all our walking. We decided to grab something to eat close to home so we stopped off at a place called Yoshinoya, yes a Japanese place. It was very delicious, I had miso soup with beef bowl, Lexi had vegetable bowl with rice. After dinner we headed home to sleep.

Fab Note: Yesterday I asked Lexi to take a photo of a lovely car while we were on an overpass. The car was coming towards us and Lexi snapped her photo. That is when I saw she had taken a picture of the old Jaguar infront of the intense Ferrari :(.

AlexandraQuinton says:
Hey, yes we did visit the PoLoin Monastery! I guess we forgot to write about it! We didn't make it to the Wisdom path because we had to get back to the cable car before they closed. We didn't have much of a wait for the cable cars on the way back, and no wait on the way there. I guess doing it during the week is quieter.
Posted on: May 19, 2009
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