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We woke up early and headed over to the Memorial Museum. It was another grey and dreary day. We arrived there and found a archway built in the middle of the space which, when you looked through it, you could see one of the only surviving buildings from the explosion and an eternally burning flame for the souls who perished.

We found the museum and had a look around. There was real footage from the plane that dropped the bomb and explanations as to why it was done in the first place. The ground floor was very interesting and explained some of the historical context of the attack.

As we ventured upstairs we learnt about the number of nuclear warheads that countries around the world have and learned more about Japan’s plea for the destruction of all nuclear weaponry.

AS we continued through, the exhibitions became more grisly; with mannequin examples of what people would have looked like after the explosion and items of clothing recovered from the bodies of victims, still covered in blood. It continued on and was quite harrowing, showing photos of body parts riddled with cancers and disease, and telling the sad strory of the woman who folded 10,000 origami cranes in the hope she would stay alive.

After visiting the museum we headed over to look at the last standing building. It looked like a skeleton of a building and was quite creepy.

We departed for Hiroshima centre to find some food and we discovered an underground department store where we took refuge from the rain. They were selling some delicious looking sushi so we bought a box and a couple of drinnks and sat down to our feast.

It was really tasty apart from one piece which was sea urchin or something and it was foul!

We continued through the store and found a whole other floor dedicated to food. We bought some tasty yakitori (chicken and spring onion skewers) and enjoyed that too.

On the way back to the hostel we crossed the bridge we had stood on the day before and discovered that the shoreline was covered in crabs! There were thousands of them and one hungry seagull that just couldn’t catch any!

Upon arriving back in the hostel we settled in for the evening. We had bought some curry raisu (curried beef in a bag with microwave rice in a dish) for dinner at the local store and tucked in. For such a cheap meal it was delicious and was to become a common dinner treat!

It had been an eye opening day but we were glad to have visited.

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Embarrassing punctuation mistake f…
Embarrassing punctuation mistake …
Yummy yakitori
Yummy yakitori
Yummy yakitori
Yummy yakitori
I didnt like the urchin sushi
I didn't like the urchin sushi
Can anyone translate? :)
Can anyone translate? :)
photo by: mmeymey