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Despite being tired we got up and at an abnormally early time of 6:30am, problem was this was not our choice, apparently on Saturdays at that time some incredibly annoying voice comes on shouting through the speakers that surround the city. I am unsure what the voice was saying, I will find out some time in the future, either way it was not appreciated. We did grab a couple of winks afterwards but not much, we got  up for breakfast which consisted of eggs, bread coffee/tea and some fruit. After breakfast we headed out with the hotel map which covered about half of what we wanted to see, the parts it did cover were somewhat farcical in their nature as the scale went up and down and certain streets seemed to just be ignored.

Our first stop was the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, an interesting spectacle as he is not buried in the city named after him, in fact quite far away.

As far as I can tell Ho Chi Minh is like second to Buddha here, his face is everywhere, he is this nations relic. This is further demonstrated by the ego boosting size of his memorial which has constant guards with penetrating stares, a nice garden too. After this we stopped by the near pagoda and had a nose around we headed back through the old district to the another pagoda that was labeled on the map. When we arrived this had to be the strangest pagoda ever as it had a striking resemblance to a 4 star hotel, in fact if our highly accurate map had not clearly labeled this as a pagoda one would assume it is a hotel (It was a hotel).

After seeing the prestigious pagoda hotel we moved on to the next one which was located near the lake. On the way there we stopped off at an ice cream and cake store to eat something sweet, Lexi picked out a slice of mango cake and I myself was in the mood for some ice cream.

After browsing through the large selection I chose cookie flavored, however apparently out of the twenty odd flavors they only had vanilla in stock so that is what I ordered. My vanilla ice cream never arrived. When we finally arriving at the lake we saw the bridge which led over to the pagoda, it was a beautiful site, we did not enter the pagoda as it cost and we were not that fussed about it.

Lexi and I had been watching a program on famous pizza restaurants so we were craving pizzas so we stopped at a pizza joint. We did not have much money on us so we shared a bbq pizza and mango shake, both were delicious.

We headed back to the hotel tired from a full day of walking and rested until we fell asleep as we had an early start tomorrow. Halong Bay watch out!

p.s. The speaker messages are a “kind of political news update from the government, but no one really pays much attention.” -Joe Gleeson & Friend

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photo by: mario26