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A bug on the boat - I did not take my eyes off it. Look how big it is compared with the plate on the table!!

Lexi and I had to wake up pretty early to get breakfast, about 6:45 I think. Breakfast was a simple meal of toast, egg and some fruit, some of the other people on the boat did not join us all for breakfast as they were nursing well deserved hangovers. Breakfast was short but filling, afterwards we headed to the top deck to catch some morning sun and Halong views as the ship set back for home.

  Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice shame on me. Lexi not having learnt her lesson from the first encounter of “Lexi with no sun tan lotion versus the sun” ended up looking some what like a drumstick lollipop (British lolly).

Maybe she was trying to even out burning on the front by burning on the back, I do not know. The skin cancer stricken necessity to get a tan with women is beyond my male understanding. Never the less the cruise back was as beautiful as it was forward, the scenery hosts a unending beauty that probably never gets old. Pictures can not justify Halong bay, we can do our best with them and High Definition footage but this is something you should definitely put on your bucket list.

We had a brief stop on the way back to let the 3 day passengers off then brought on some of the finishing three day passengers. The third day would have consisted of hiking and fishing, after dropping a brick in my pants seeing that oversized jellyfish previously I was not regretting missing out on fishing.

We set off again around a different route back than that which we took forward, the reason for this was to see the two fighting cocks. The stones shaped like two cocks in a fight were actually shaped quite so, not much imagination was needed to see a resemblence. A few sun burning hours later we docked and got off to go to the restaurant for dinner.

The restaurant was interesting, very large and busy we sat on the table with our new American friends and two random Frenchies. Lexi picked the lucky seat which was sprayed with cooling water mist from above though perhaps too much in her opinion. Every now and then some distant table would shout something which sounded like “toast” and drink their drinks, I guess it was sort of a “Cheers” chant. After the fourth or fifth time we heard it Brandon (one of the American guys) said we should do our own, having heard the word toast I suggested we shout that that, and so we did.

It was quite a deafening shout but it put many smiles on many faces. Dinner was pleasant.

Lexi and I headed to the cash machine to get some money to buy water after dinner, this was while we were waiting for the bus. When we got back to the restaurant (which is where the bus would pick us up from) a good few Chinese kids were very amused at the 6ft5-6 giant that stood around them (this was me). Many would sneak up behind me to compare their heights and gawp but it was in a friendly manner. Then the three American guys came out who were of a similar height to me which caused quite the bit of excitement. We ended up in quite a few group photos with them all hovering around at the back well above their heads. After picture time the bus arrived and we got on for the three hour journey home.

This was spent mostly by answering the American guys questions about British culture and ethics, we of course reciprocated in questioning and before we knew it the journey was over. We were all dropped off at our individual hotels and once Lexi and I got to ours we headed up to our new room a bit exhausted from it all.

After a small rest we went souvenir shopping, we did not get much, Lexi bought some small figurines of Vietnamese women which will look nice in our travel room. To be honest there is not much to buy souvenir wise as we have to consider carrying it around and possibly posting it. We would have liked to have gotten some other stuff but we have to keep it convenient. After shopping we headed back to our hotel.

We decide to order in as Lexi was so tired, this was probably our least favorite meal, more so for Lexi who ended up tasting it twice and passing it on to the toilet (don’t take antimalarials on an empty stomach).

She had only ordered apple crumble too (an apple crumble that didn’t have any crumble on it). I ended up with two dishes of chicken and noodle due to miscommunication and though ordering tempura vegetables but got bruschetta, which was fine I guess. After dinner we slept knowing we had  long day ahead getting to China.

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A bug on the boat - I did not take…
A bug on the boat - I did not tak…
photo by: mario26