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After a good nights sleep we got up wondering what we would be doing that day. We knew there was a park in the area and we knew we needed to get bus tickets for tomorrow. That seemed like a good order to go about things, it was never going to be an adventures packed day but it did not have to be.  After getting ready we set off for the park. 

Elephant Hill Park is a somewhat famous park in Guilin for it’s  elephant shaped rock that it is centered around.

We arrived not long after leaving as it was not far away. After paying some small fee to enter we wondered around the garden in front of the hill, the garden was well maintaned with many sculptures of elephants and such. After meandering around we discovered some steep steps up the hill and realised we could scale it, so we did. A few thigh burning minutes later we reached near the peak, there were several sign posts for a pagoda and viewing tower. First we headed to the viewing tower, the hill is indeed quite large so we had an amazing view over the city which is relatively flat and low, you could see for miles. The pagoda was next, we actually would have missed it had Lexi not wondered what that small circular pile of bricks was. It was not much of a pagoda. The top if the hill consists of circular paths around the top which is very easy to get lost as it is up and down and up and down.

We found our way out through the way which we came, traversing down steep steps may be easier but it sure is a lot more dangerous as I found out when I slipped and swacked my poor expensive HD Camera on the banister. I managed to protect the camera as much as possible by using my forearm as cannon fodder. No real damage done but most importanly the camera is safe.

After our descent we wondered around the rest of the park which lead over a small bridge and to some small stalls selling bits and bobs, Lexi had the scent of candy floss flowing through her nostrils which lead her to a sweet stall. It was not candy floss but some sugary Chinese sweet which looked like shredded wheat.

We purchased some to find out they were delicious, similar to candy floss but with a center of sesame seed taste (which I liked but Lexi did not). This I guess was our breakfast as we had not had anything, we continued forward past another bridge to a small park with a platform where a performance was going on.

There were several 18-25 year old guys and girls dressed in costumes which resembled a cross between Indian outfits and Muay Thai ones. They would sing and dance, overall the performance was quite good. This was the end of the park so we headed back for the exit.

Lexi’s nostrils flared again, this time with the smell of pizza, I guess lunch came early as we sat down and ordered a BBQ pizza. This was an odd shop, it served beer, tea, coffee and pizza, I guess they reach for all markets. The pizza was good but too small, we would walk off the calories with a trip to the bus station.

The bus station is confusing, when we arrived via train there were a lot of buses outside the station and even more across the road, we had been informed the bus station was across from the train station but alas it was not. After consulting a travel agent who did not speak English we headed back the way we came to find we overshot it by about 700 meters. Even when we arrived we circled the damn thing trying to find a ticket office, eventually we found it and purchased our tickets for Yangshuo.

After this overly pointless running around we headed back to the hotel for a rest before dinner. We had seen a place to eat near where we ate the other night so we decided to go there.

DSCF3019 (Large).JPG

Sometime in the evening we set out to the restaurant, the place we ate at the night before was near empty and the one we were going to was near full which is always a good sign. I ordered a large coke and beef with mushrooms and Lexi being the real man of the relationship ordered a beer (which was 600ml and cost around 80p) with bok choi and mushrooms, we also had special fried rice on the side. Both meals were excellent. With our bellies full we headed home to pack and get some sleep. Tomorrow we are going to Yangshuo!

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Tasty Chinese sweet snacks - anyon…
Tasty Chinese sweet snacks - anyo…
photo by: davidfeng