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Bunnies eating lettuce in a plant pot in the streets of Chengdu

We woke up fairly early with the intention of visiting the pandas at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Centre, but to cut a long story short, when we arrived at the bus station, we were told that the tourist bus which goes directly to the breeding centre wasn’t running that day and that we’d need to get one bus to X destination, then transfer to another bus and get to the breeding centre.

By the time we’d walked around trying to find out this information, it was around 10am. We had been told that the pandas are fed at 10am and after this they just sleep all day and don’t really ‘do’ anything. Knowing it would not be a cheap trip there and back, and that the entrance fee without a Panda Card would be pretty expensive we decided to give it a miss.

The Chengdu-Xi'an train

By the way, the Panda Card, if you go to Chengdu for more than a couple of days, is really worth while. It only costs 1RMB and gives you free entrance to some great sights in and around Chengdu, including the Panda Breeding Centre. See the website for more information. It’s very difficult to get hold of one, but ask your hostel/hotel for information, or go to a Hongqing Chain store (one of the bigger ones) and ask for it there.

We headed back to the hostel, en route past the pharmacy to find some throat lozenzes for Fab, as he’d woken up with a sore throat. After miming ’sore throat’ the pharmacist gave him a box of bright yellow tablets with no English on the box, which we bought in the hopes our miming was accurate. (When we Googled it later, they were definitely for sore throats, but they were tablets not lozenges - they did the trick though!)

For the rest of the day we just lazed around at the hostel, watching a couple of movies and chilling out in the garden before getting our next train to Xi’an. We got a taxi to the train station and waited around for the train to arrive. It was punctual, as ever, and we found our beds for the night. It was a 16 hour journey which went by without much excitement, apart from a one hour delay…our first delayed train in China.

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Bunnies eating lettuce in a plant …
Bunnies eating lettuce in a plant…
The Chengdu-Xian train
The Chengdu-Xi'an train
The Chengdu-Xian train
The Chengdu-Xi'an train
photo by: spocklogic