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I am not sure I have enough talent as a writer to capture the essence of Ibiza.  Ibiza, in many ways, defies words.  It's a beautiful island in the Mediterranean which has become a hub for people who love to party and especially for those who love techno music.   When I started planning out my September 2007 vacation, I was invited by some friends to come to Spain.  I met a married couple I know and another friend in Barcelona where we spent a couple of nights.  After Barcelona we hopped on a short flight to Ibiza.  I had heard alot of things about Ibiza from talking to some people that had already been there and from seeing it on a travel show on tv.

Ibiza city
  I say travel show, but I think I actually saw it during an episode of "Wild on E!" which used to air on the E! Entertainment channel.  If I had to describe myself in terms of partying, I am more of a bar person than a clubber.  I will only go to clubs if I am with a group of friends to talk to.  I don't like to dance and I never learned any cheesy pickup lines to meet girls in clubs.  That being said, I was a little reluctant to visit Ibiza.  I only planned on being in Ibiza for four nights and then working my way back up through Spain to Madrid where I would be catching a flight out of Spain. 

We arrived in Ibiza and my friends were definitely ready to party.

Ibiza Castle
  There are several huge clubs there and they were eager to see them all.  I noticed as soon as I got there that there was techno music everywhere.  I am not a huge fan of techno music, but the techno music quickly becomes the soundtrack for your trip there.   My friends were geared up for some hardcore partying while I was trying to talk them into heading to Ibiza city to look at the boats in the harbor and maybe see the castle.   The on going joke for the trip was "Let's go find a cannon; Wade wants to take a picture with a cannon."  I am not sure where they got the cannon idea from, but it was pretty funny so we'd usually all laugh and head to the nearest bar for drinks which would make me forget about sight seeing for a bit.   All four of us are pretty independent people so fortunately they were pretty understanding about me venturing around on my own.
The Lighthouse at the mouth of the harbor
  Some people really have the pack mentality and get upset if you run off on your own. 

Alot of times during the day the married couple would do their own thing while my friend Matt and I ventured out to lay on the beach or head to Bora Bora which is a huge outdoor bar on the beach.  Club Fiesta Playa d'en Bossa, where we were staying, had it's own little community so we were always meeting new people at the pool bar which we would later see when we went to other places around the island.  We never lacked for anyone to hang out with or interesting conversations.  My friends and I would meet up for dinner in the evening.  Afterwards we'd head back to our hotel rooms to get cleaned up and maybe try to sober up a bit before heading out for the night.

   Each night the workers at the resort put on a show on the stage in the courtyard.   As I mentioned before, everyone at the resort was very friendly and outgoing so I would go down there, make new friends, and watch the show.  My friends that came to Ibiza with me were not interested in the shows at first and wouldn't come.  They would drink in the room and plan out what club they were going to.  I didn't go to any of the clubs with them, but opted instead to head to bars with people I'd meet there at the resort. 

We did manage to make it down to Ibiza city a couple of times.  One day we rented motor scooters so we could tour the city.  This was a terrifying event for all of us.  We didn't know our way around the city at all, but we were knew the direction we generally needed to head.  We had some close calls with getting run over in the busy traffic.  We managed to make it to the harbor and back to the hotel.  After that the married couple decided they were turning their scooter back in and couldn't be talked out of it.  My friend Matt agreed to go riding again with me, but he wouldn't get back on the thing that day.  In the end I headed out alone to do some more exploring.  My friend Matt and I had booked for four nights, but the married couple could only stay for three.  On the last night they all got tickets to go to Space club.  I was going to go with them since I hadn't been to a club yet, but I met a beautiful girl from Sweden and that changed my plans.  I ended up going up the beach to Bora Bora with her.  This is where the story takes an interesting turn.

I am trying to think of how to describe how my night went without getting into to much detail.  We ended up leaving Bora Bora and taking a romantic walk down the beach.  It was a wonderful night and I was thrilled to be walking along with this gorgeous girl that I had met and was enjoying spending time with.  One thing led to another and we were messing around on the beach.  At some point during this process I ended up losing my shorts and wallet.  Apparently there is a thriving trade which involves stealing peoples stuff on the beach when they aren't paying attention.  I learned later that tourists get stuff stolen and it's taken to the "Hippie Mart" to be pawned for money.  This is about as far into this story as I think I need to go.  I just bring it up because it significantly altered my travel plans.  I ended up having to call back to the USA and get my mother to cancel my credit card.  It's a little bit awkward calling your mother drunk at 3 am to tell her your wallet has just been stolen.  I sort of had to do a little dancing around the issue and ended up telling her that it was stolen earlier during the day while I was laying out on the beach.  Some things you just don't tell your mother! 

I woke up in the morning with a profound since of loss and a bit of worry.  I still had my passport, I had already payed for my tickets out of Spain, and I had already payed for a hotel in Madrid the night before I flew out.   On the other side of the coin, I had lost my drivers liscense, debit card, and all the other stuff in my wallet.  The married couple came by to say goodbye on their way to the airport and to laugh about me getting my things stolen on the beach.  Matt and I were due to leave the next day, but we decided to stay in Ibiza until I had to go to Madrid so that I could possibly just get some money transfered to me.   I have never realized how unhelpful banks are until I tried to make that happen.  In the end I was basically told that there was nothing my bank could do for me.  I don't know what I would have done if I had not still had a friend there with me.  Matt purchased a plain ticket for me to get to Madrid, booked the hotel for four more nights, and gave me some spending money.  I was very fortunate to have a good friend there to take care of me in my time of need.  I ended up just doing a wire transfer from my account to his to pay him back.  The one amazing thing about all of this is that I ended up getting everything from my wallet back which is nothing short of miraculous.  The day after I had gotten my wallet stolen I got a call to come down to the front desk in the hotel.  I went down there and a security guard from the club across the street had found all the stuff from inside my wallet in a garbage can.  I didn't get any money back, of course, but I got back everything else that was inside the wallet. 

I did end up going to a club while I was there.  We went to Priviledge which is officially the world's biggest club.  It is definitely cool to be able to say that I've been there.   After that my friend Matt was pretty much clubbed out so he ended up just hitting the bars with me each night until we left.  I know he had a great time going to the clubs, but he ended up admitting to me that the bars were alot of fun and that he could understand why I had been doing that each night instead of clubbing with them.  I am not sure if I'll ever make it back to Ibiza, but I definitely had a great time while I was there.  I love atmospheres like in Ibiza where everyone is outgoing and eager to meet new people.  I met several people from Europe that I still keep in touch with.  Even if you are a bar person like me, Ibiza is still a fun place to go.  I'd just recommend keeping your pants in sight at all times.

(Not alot of pictures from this trip.  Apparently I was too drunk the whole time to remember to take pictures.)

kowalska266 says:
It,s funny story but true. I will also visit Ibiza. Watch out for thieves and drunk people.
Posted on: Feb 12, 2013
jnwalsh says:
What a great story! Glad it all worked out :)
Posted on: Sep 27, 2011
Ekeko says:
It was a great read! Hope my trip to Ibiza will be as fun as yours was (minus the wallet incident ;) )
Posted on: Aug 15, 2009
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Ibiza city
Ibiza city
Ibiza Castle
Ibiza Castle
The Lighthouse at the mouth of the…
The Lighthouse at the mouth of th…
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