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like holy shit man. I can't even handle that view. Definitely worth the 21€ a night.

Den Heksenketel Hostel/Folk-bar:

In the past week, I finished finals, played a paintball tournament and then flew off to some distant land where I'll be for the next two months. I guess that's the second time I've done so (the first being in 2006, where I went to Vancouver instead), and it hardly seems any more natural. The shock of being so totally displaced is only just setting in: that's the advantage of having everything in such quick succession. It's honestly not even that bad though... admittedly, Frankfurt was kinda bizarre (that being the consensus reached amongst the people I've met here @ Den Heksenketel, a hostel/"folk cafe" and a very endearing place with a perfect cathedral view in the centre of downtown), but Antwerp's pretty cool.

Language barriers are mildly tough.

The cathedral this morning (or maybe yesterday night?) from the balcony.
A little studying beforehand, as I'm finding out, definitely helps avoid many wtf moments involving ice cream/spaghetti confusion, paper/plastic dilemmas at the supermarket, and makes getting directions to trains so much easier.

Also, there seems to be a steady stream of Hollanders disillusioned with Queen's Day who trek down to Belgium to avoid its' silliness. I though I avoided it too until the mass of orange jumpsuits in Utrecht and Rotterdam made me realize that I was indeed travelling through the Netherlends. I had one of the more enduring of Dutch stereotypes confirmed on the train going through there - somebody was actually smoking up. I'll chalk that one up to holiday license.

Oh, and holy shit, Xball is awesome. Just amazing. I played pretty decently, was fairly aggressive, only freaked out once, and we did pretty good considering we're from Saskabush. Go Rush! PS: Mom, please wash my paintball stuff. Left alone, it will probably start producing noxious gases that might kill you all. Nobody wants that, so for the sake of all our family, please wash it. Please.

A note on the cars and car travel in Germany: everyone takes the racing line through corners, the roads are beautiful, and everyone (EVERYONE) drives a diesel. Everyone.

RoodentMom says:
great photos - take more of buildings please. The museum in Bruseels is supposed to have some relics from the Merovingians - but that probably isn't your thing.
Posted on: May 03, 2008
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like holy shit man. I cant even h…
like holy shit man. I can't even …
The cathedral this morning (or may…
The cathedral this morning (or ma…
Eva, dutch twin #1.
Eva, dutch twin #1.
The bar downstairs @ Den Heksenket…
The bar downstairs @ Den Heksenke…
photo by: skydiver