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I first heard this meet up mentioned at my first TB meet up in London on the 15th March. I didn't really take much notice though as I was busy being overwhelmed by meeting so many new people. After checking out the forum and seeing how many were actually going I thought that I would be mad to miss it. I alreday had the Friday off work and had recently received my rent deposit back so I booked flights and a hotel.
I got a bit excited and booked the first flight out of T5 that morning not taking into account the fact that I've got to get there a couple hours before and I'm an hour away from the bloody airport.
i got about 2 hours sleep before I got in my car and headed to Heathrow. I checked in using the machines. So quick and easy! Security wasn't too bad either as there weren't many people there at 5am!!
After having a little stroll around Heathrows shiny new terminal, I went to the Giraffe for a lovely breakfast.
I did check out Gordon Ramseys place but it £21 v £7 so I went cheap.
Arrived in Dusseldorf at 10am, had no problems getting train tickets and it only took about 15 mins to get into town. My hotel was only round the corner so I thought I'd check in then Have a look around before Mike turned up (he was on the flight after mine). I forgot to check what time I could check in though and when I got to the hotel there were no rooms ready for a couple of hours. I was so tired. I left my bag at the hotel and went for wander.
Found a Starbucks up the road and got myself a latte and blueberry muffin. After a while I got a text from Mike saying that he'd landed and was about to get on the train.
Walking around Altstadt
I was about a mile away so I ditched Starbucks and headed back to the station.
When Mike turned up we still had a few hours before we had to meet the other early arrivals so he went off to find his hostel and I went back to my hotel and had a lovely hot bath and a bit of a snooze.

We'd arranged to meet at 4pm for a mini tour of town and a few drinks. We did a lot of walking and Lauro had to dash back to the station every now and then to pick up more TB's. So he left Thy to show the rest of us around til he came back. It was getting a bit cold and some of us were getting hungry so we went ti Altstadt for something to eat and drink. Lauro turned up after a while with a huge crowd of TB's. It was about 10pm and I was getting tired so I went back for an early night. Had a feeling I was going to need all my energy for the big meet up.

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Walking around Altstadt
Walking around Altstadt
First stop for beer
First stop for beer
Starbucks kills!
Starbucks kills!
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