ohhh my God....is she gonna put me in jail now?

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I started the day at the Departement of Foreign Afairs. Since we have decided that my boyfriend should come visit me, we need a passport for him - and in order to save time and effort we decided that I should go check out the requirements while he was at work.

It was acctually quite fun because not onley was I thrown form office to office, but when I finally found someone who could answer, and I showed him the documents that we allready had collected (among them his birthcertificate), the clerk called his manager who looked first at the documents and then at me saying "who's birthcertificate is this? Because it's definately not yours" !

At one point I allmost got scared thinking now she's gonna charge us with a criminal offence because he handed over personal documents to me. And belive me...you would've been scared too if you'd seen her eyes.

So for the...I lost count...time that day I explained "It belongs to my boyfriend, he's working today, and asked me to show this to you and find out what else we need". (thinking *geee* I survived this without weting my pants).

Luckyli her eyes turned more friendly, and she explained what we needed. Thank God it was not much so I left there relifed in more ways then one.

I went back to the hotel to lock the documents in the safe deposit box (now that we had cleared that we allmost had everything it would be typical if I had my bag stolen) and then started walking along Buendia towards Makati.

When I'm traveling I useually prefer walking whenever I can. This has several reasons. 1). It's good for my body and 2). I see more and 3). it helps me get a good grip at orientation in a new place. The last should proove effective a few days earlier when I had to guide a taxi from Cash & Carry to the hotel.

When I arrived at Ayala Ave. I noticed a band that looked like they were geting ready for a parade - but nothing really happend at that time so I just moved on to Starbucks for a coffee.

Then I thought it was time to go to the Cash & Carry Mall to pick up the laundry we delivered yesterday - and then it happend - a major parade walzing down Ayala. I just had to stop and watch.

The parade was nice and a welcome adition to the entertainment of an otherweise ordinary day.

Well after the parade I managed to pick our laundry up and went back to the hotel for a shower.

The plan afterwarss was that Hernie and I should go to Greenhills to do some shoping after he got off from work.....but plans doesn't allways happen they way you plan them.

Because of the celebration on Makati he got cought up in trafic and arrived late at the hotel, and when he finally returned we started talking about the info I recived from the DFA - so we got out of the door pretty late, and ofcourse all passing taxi's was bussy. Furthermore the one that did stop had no intention of going to Greenhills.

So we decided to give LRT/MRT a shot and then catch a taxi closer by. But ofcourse the ticket line for the MRT was huge, and when we finally arrived at the mall where we were suposed to get a taxi - then the line was looooooooooooooooooooong.

I think it took us about an hour to get a taxi so we had allready decided to just go home again - but then Hernie did ask the driver when they closed and he thought it was between 10 and 11pm. Since it was onley 8.30 we decided to go after all.

But upon arrival around 9pm had they allready started to close down - so no such luck.

Luck didn't really smile at us when going home either. 45 min. taxi hunt left us unsuccessfull so we ended up in a bus that went on like forever, and as soon as we reached Manila we transfered to a taxi.

Very very late dinner at KFC and back to bed after a strange day!

ted332 says:
Typical manila traffic. The only day one can move freely and faster is on Sundays. :)
Posted on: May 21, 2008
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