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After yesterday's engagement I was full of energy to do some work. I started the day by the computer doing some research for my fiance's visa, and then decided to go to Robinsson Place Mall for coffee and another SD card.

I never got the SD card, because when I arrived at Robinsson I realised that the embassy had allready started their phone hours and we needed to check what we should do with the ticket because according to the requirements list we needed to show a flight ticket. And I was thinking, what then if the visa is rejected?

Now the girl at the embassy call center said "No ticket we just need to see a reservation". Okay I said, hang up the phone and entered Gloria Jeans and ordered coffee, sat down and just then the bright star poped up in my head - RESERVATION - so I called again and said "but...but ehmmm....that reservation needs to be paid right?" - she said no, and at that point I allmost jumped through Glorias roof sign. I was so excited that I let coffee be coffee and ran outside the mall and highjacked a taxi.

"Ayala Ave." was my order as the first airline that poped into my mind was ofcourse Singapore Airlines.

I arrived there and went inside the building. Thinking thank God I'm not price hunting (as long as they have economy class tickets left I really didn't care about the price - now just a matter of geting things done) because just to visit one airline was hard work in itself. First you need to leave an I.D., then you need to state which airline you are going to and  why. Includeing your travel destination.

Well I got up there but for a breif moment I feared that I wouldn't. Boy did they work slowly, not onley did I wait for 30 min. but after having stated where I was going (or where my fiance was going to be exact) it took her 10 min. to calculate the price - 2137 USD which is fair enough for the season - and then another 15 min. to print the confirmation and itinary.

But it was worth the wait and afterwards I was very happy, because now we had the airline reservation that we needed.

I was supossed to meet Hernie for dinner at 5.15 pm at the Cash & Carry Mall and since it was acctually 4.30 when I finished at Singapore Airlines timing was perfect.

Now headed in that direction it struck me that the diffrence between Robinsson - Ayala and Ayala - Cash & Carry was onley 10 php, which I felt was really weird.

But as allways I reached my destination and we met like ten minutes later. Ofcourse that last dinner for this time was bound to be Luk Yuen, like I said yesterday - it's allmost our place now, and after we finished the dinner and he told the waitress who'd been serveing us the last many days, that this was the last one - she did become very sad, which I thought was acctually quite cute and sweet in a way.

The night was a little strange...thinking that I had to move on tomorrow...direction homewards through Hong Kong and Bangkok....if everything goes well we'll be seeing eachother on july 12th. - but that's also a long time from now.

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