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Red Cross Hopsital in Bangkok, which features one of the worlds two onley snake farms, that work for information to the public on venomous snakes and for produceing antivenom.

8.30 update:

And as the song goes one nights been spend in Bangkok. Surpriseingly with no feeling of jetlag what so ever. Probably due to the fact that I didnt take my 2 hour nap on arrival this time like I use to do. Anyway breakfast has been consumed and I'm off to greet the vipers now :)

19.15 update:

Spend the day at the Red Cross Hospital's snake farm. The main purpose of this farm is to extract venom from Thailands venomous snakes that is used for anti serum. A second purpose is to educate the people about the snakes and how to react to them, and boy did I learn someting today.....who should've guessed that Thailand has 56 species of seriously venoumous snakes from Cobras to Russel Vipers.

Banded Rat Snake, Snake Farm, Bangkok.
I didn't. Damn that information scared the hell out of me.

I arrived around 10am and vent upstairs to see the exhibition about snake evelution - then passed downstairs for the venom extraction demonstration at 11am, and since the ticket was valid for going in and out the entire day I decided to go find some lunch. So I did walk down Surawong and found a nice place Thai Tasty (yeah review comes later) and then headed back to the snake farm to watch the serpentarium downstairs and the exhibit on toxicology and snake bite first aid. After that I went outside for the snake demonstration sitting just 5 meters from both a king cobra and two  Monocled Cobras. It was quite interesting and tutoring. ANOTHER THING: I did something I never thought I would do....if you had asked me yesterday I'd rather hand feed a lion then hold a snake - but at the end of the demonstration they took out this burmese python which they offered we could have our pictures taken with.

Beauty sorounds the Red Cross Hospital in Bangkok.
..and thats when I told my self to grow up and face the devil. So I DID IT! and it was an extreme experience. The feeling of holding the python was really amazeing / I was surprised of how it felt - I would have thought it was softer more gelly like but you can acctually feel it's bones - so from minute one was it not onley faceing one of my biggest fears but also a very surpriseing feeling haveing the creature in my hand.

Well the idea was to go to the Royal Palace after the snake farm but since I spend so much time there I decided to termminate the plan or at least posepone it for my stay in Bangkok on the way home.

Well it's getting late and I have a plane for Manila/Cebu to catch at 1:15 so I'll hunt some food now - maybe look for a viewpoint.

01.00 update:


Close enough encounters with Cobras on one of the two daily shows, Snake Farm, Bangkok.
..wanted to take the view over Bangkok from the Bayioke Tower and rushed into the MRT to Pretchamburi Station. Walked around the area for a little while but I couldn't locate it....well not so important - I return soon and got a few days more in Bangkok then - and the good thing about it is - now I have an idea of how it is organised.

Shit went to 7-Eleven and Family Mart for cigs - "no have" seams to be the standard answer. Wierd I bought a pack this morning - but where?

Why doesn't convienience stores sell cigs in Bangkok? Well no crisis though I have to go throughout my flight anyway on nicotine gum so I guess I'll survive.

Managed to get back to the hotel in time to order dinner, get my things organised and check out before I found myself in a taxi to the airport around 9.

Cobra, Snake Farm, Bangkok.

For some reason Cebu Pacific didn't manage to provide me with a directflight Bangkok - Cebu, but send me on the 01.10 to Manila, arriveing at 05.25 and then on the 08.40 from Manila to Cebu. But as allways - Cebu Pacific is delayed. New estimated time of departure 01.50 - which I really don't mind, it just means less time in the deadbeat Manila domestic airport.

Well the gates been opend - the planes arrived all we need now is to load the animals :)

Damn I look forward to be reunited both with the Philippines and with Hernie, but that's all tomorrow.....

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Cobra, Snake Farm, Bangkok.
Cobra, Snake Farm, Bangkok.
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